SBftMB - MP3 players

Guys, my iPod Classic died after 7 years.
I want an MP3 player:

  • with at least 128GB storage
  • which is going to sync easily with all my music purchased from Apple (I bung all my purchases from other folks into my iTunes library as well)
  • which will (this shouldn’t matter to me as much as it does) allow me to keep easily scrobbling to
  • ideally cost less than a fucking iPod fucking Touch 128GB

Already on Spotifybook - it’s not the same though.

Social Board for the Music Board…posted on the Social Board?

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This is a fucking mess mate




Just recommend me an MP3 player!

256GB iPhone.

There isn’t going to be anything else that does this. Unless iTunes can run Android phones in which case there may be a good option that takes a 128GB expansion card.

If I’ve ballsed up the ‘ft.’ thing we sometimes do, then please can a mod correct this.

I don’t think this will cost less than a 128Gb iPod Touch?

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It makes sense now you’ve explained. It’s just normally the shorthand is ‘Music Thread for the Social Board’

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  • My phone
  • Dedicated MP3 player

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No, it probably won’t but 128GB iPod touch will have less than 128GB of space for music on it in any case and can only scrobble when on WiFi and then you will ALSO still need to carry your iPhone around.

Not on iPhone innit. Android for life.

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Huh, I’ve been misreading all this time.

Oh, maybe I have. @colon_closed_bracket can you confirm what MTftSB actually stands for?

I only ever guessed it.

Oh right, I just assumed no one would willingly use iTunes, I guess. :slight_smile:
Just get a 128GB memory card for your Android phone and then drag all the mp3s over there?

Either way, I’ve screwed up big time. Egg on my coupon!

Music Thread for the Social Board


I found a replacement ipod classic on ebay for about 50-70 quid. Well worth it to have something that syncs up with all my itunes easily and (presuming you treat it nicely) won’t die on you in a year’s time.

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Yeah, I’m just locked in through inertia. Been purchasing stuff I can’t buy from Bleep/Bandcamp from iTunes since like 2005. So half my collection is in fucking apple format.


My phone but I hate it and want to go back to a dedicated MP3 player.

I’ve previously thought about getting one of those Sansa Clip things with expandable memory. I think you can scrobble off them if you download the Rockbox firmware, although you have to upload the log manually and it’s a bit of a pain. That might be an option for you though AT.