I know a few other people here like this lot (hi, @UncleRetrospective and @Otto, plus @anyoneelsewhoisinterested) so figured I’d start a thread, seeing as this event at what used to be the Colston Hall is happening online tomorrow night:

Due to fully reopen in 2023 after a once-in-generation transformation of our performance spaces, ‘Intermission’ provides an exclusive opportunity for audiences to access the physical construction site of Bristol Beacon virtually through immersive 180 degree video and the lens of local music and visual culture.
Combining technologies used for architecture, gaming, and live performance, explore the boundaries between the physical and the virtual, as we reimagine the connection between people, place and music.
Navigate Bristol Beacon’s unseen spaces in the midst of transformation. Otherworldly landscapes are revealed through cinematic camera movements, exploring the building at the mid-point of this landmark project, soundtracked by Scalping’s visceral live techno.
This digital experience premieres Wed 13 Oct, 7pm and will be available on demand afterwards.


Sounds like good silly fun - might save this for a couple of beers on Friday.

Yeah really like Scalping, saw them at Green Man in 2019, loved them. The Flood Ep is wonderful and the singles they’ve released have been killer. Will have to check this out.

The remix EP is so much better than it had any right to be. Can’t wait to see them live again.

debut album out in April (on my birthday!)



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The new track sounds a bit like my bloody Valentine!

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It’s bloody brilliant. Saw them supporting Blanck Mass and they were, frankly, better than he was (although it was a very late show and alcohol could have impeded my enjoyment by the time he got on). Very excited about an album and a Fabric show, oh yeah!


I saw that tour and was sober and SCALPING were much, much better. Really looking forward to the album and will have to go to Fabric :smiley:

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Think I’m going to see them at Fabric, anyone seem them live before?

I saw them supporting Blanck Mass years ago. They blew him off the stage.

I’m away with work when they’re playing Fabric, I’m gutted.

Sounds good, shame you can’t make it :frowning:

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Looking forward to this. Not sure they needed a rapper though…

On first listen and where are the bangers? It’s good but the whole thing feels like a build for the last track.
And 35 minutes seems a bit short.

Will give it a few more listens before getting all judgy though.


I hadn’t clocked it came out this week til my vinyl got delivered tonight at like 930pm. Weird postal delivery action. Yessss it’s not banging is it? They always traced a fine line between something great and original, and old Matrix/Wipeout soundtracks… nothing dates like 90s electronic/rock hybrids which were my go to then. It seems a bit plodding and the jury’s still out on the rap tracks for me. Got tickets for Thursday so let’s see!

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I’ve given it a lot more listens and it’s fine. :man_shrugging:t2:

It was hoping for something that just kicked arse, like the EP but oh well. The last song is great.


I like their long sleeve shirt, retro cyberdog/electro goth aesthetic so maybe it’s all part of a calculated and deliberate plan. Im happy they’re doing their thing!

I’m suprised they got a Pitchfork review. I’m even more suprised that I agree with it.

Huh, did you get it through bandcamp? Still not received mine.

I did, it came in Rough Trade packaging.