Ah okay, mine must be on it’s way, had a confirmation email from bandcamp saying it had been dispatched.

So, just been through it and think I agree, it’s fine, but feels very unchallenging, like each track is a constant slow build to the end. Whereas Flood was an absolute rager all the way through.

Last song is quality, but overall it feels really short and left me wanting more, tbh. Maybe translates better live?

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read this thread thinking it would be about people reselling vinyl at inflated prices

now listening to them and enjoying!


Wasn’t that impressed at all, after going in with fairly high expectations. Fear they’re going to be one of those bands that are more entertaining live than on record as a whole

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Well that was pretty fun for someone who hasn’t been to a proper gig for a couple of years :slight_smile:

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How did the new stuff sound? Did it translate well?

A friend was at it and said what they played was almost nothing like the album.
Sounds like they toned it down for the record.

How weird!

Not heard the record yet but fair to say it went off a bit

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Wicked, really need to see them again when I’ve next got any time.

These ones good live then?

Yes! Haven’t seen them for a while though, wish I was going to their one at Village Underground this weekend. Like mentioned upthread, the album (though I like it) isn’t nearly the same as when they go for it live.


Seeing them tonight, supporting Working Men’s Club. Should be a banger of an evening!


Fancying this combo in London next month, so do share your thoughts. Not seen either band yet.


Scalping were brilliant. Despite being support they still had a full AV show:

They only had a half hour set, played it all as one continuous piece and it was terrific.

WMC were decent, but not in Scalping’s league. Good music, but it all felt a bit…remote? The singer is not a great frontman, and there was zero interaction with the crowd, not even a good night. I enjoyed it, but it was a qualified enjoyment.

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I’m going to this. Had tickets anyway but am super psyched that Scalping have been added as have missed them several times.

Would agree with what @riverwise says about WMC being somewhat remote having see them live last year. Still a good sound for a dance however :+1: