Scampi/Bacon Fries pub audit (poll)

There’s a rumour going around that there’s currently a UK wide shortage of Scampi/Bacon Fries, and thus pubs are having to stock substitutes. I can confirm that one of my locals currently has Golden Wonder Bacon Frazzles in where the Bacon Fries would normally be.

Can people please fill in the poll when they are aware of their local situation, so we can grasp how widely this problem is spread. Thank you in advance to all participants.

  • Bacon and Scampi Fries present and correct
  • They’re not there! Increase panic levels by one.

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Snyders are so superior as to render this thread redundant.

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Thought this was gonna be a thread about your favourite pub snack of that variety. Fuck it I’m going to do it anyway

  • Scampi Fries
  • Bacon fries
  • Cheese moments
  • Pork scratching
  • Peanuts
  • Boring crisps
  • Other

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I also enjoy Snyders, and if there were a reported shortage of those I would certainly create a similar thread. Sorry you feel the thread is redundant, but it looks like @laelfy is going to create a poll about favourite pub snack, where you may be able to vote for Snyders, so could be worth sticking around for that?

Need a pub buffet though innit (salted peanuts, cheese and opinion walkers, jalapeño snyders and bacon fries. All emptied out into opened up crisp packet)
Dont @ me

snyders jalapeno obvs.


calms down

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fuck are cheese moments.

Big fan of snyders, never seen them in a pub so didn’t think to include

They’re from the same family as Bacon and Scampi Fries, yet I’ve never once seen them in a pub, so I’m not actually sure they exist.

All the fake cheese flavour you could ever want

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is the cheese creamy?

No, think of a solid quaver type crisp where 75% of the volume is just the cheese flavour coating.

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Someone needs to send you a british foods package like the Scottish one I did for bam.

I did live there for 27 years :smiley:

(please send me curry.)

I meant more stuff you’re missing

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my mum said she’d send me some stuff but that was 3 months ago :frowning:

Cheese Moments or fuck off.

* buy one of the others