Scampi/Bacon Fries pub audit (poll)

I’d like to include Cheese Moments in the things to look out for in the original poll. As I’ve never seen them, I didn’t think to include them, but it seems they have a fanbase here who would likely be disappointed were there to be a shortage.

love these, would smash some right now

I like how the first taste is ‘ew these are revolting’ then about 30 seconds later ‘well I’ll just try another…’

Used to live with an Italian guy and every few months his Mum would send him a big box of Italian cheeses and meat. It was incredible.

I’m really glad you enjoy them. If, in the interest of science, you could pop out to try and purchase some, you could add a very important data point to the poll.

i don’t see them mentioned in your poll, good sir!

After a couple of pints I will pretty much devour any of the above. Best thing about my local is that they don’t do food (other than crisps, nuts etc) so they let us go to the chippy over the road and bring our food in. They do £3 of chips in a box


:smiley: the place I do my pub quiz at used to allow this - people would get all sorts including dominos delivered, use to make me so jealous. Now they just sell their own pizzas.

Sausage rolls/ pork pies on the bar under a plastic cloche. You @in?

  • Yes please
  • No sir

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The pound shops in town had been selling multipacks of 3 x scampi fries and 3 x bacon fries for a quid. They disappeared around Christmas :frowning:

Scampi fries are the best.

Once told a mate that Scampi Fries were actually called ‘Lickle Fishy Weetabixs’ which bizarrely they accepted and went to ask a puzzled barman for.


This was an oversight. As part of the Smiths snack trio, consider Cheese Moments part of that poll.

Cashew or assorted nut mix pls

Cashews? What kind of posh pubs are you going to Rich?

Thai chilli rice crackers when i can get em, absolutely fantastic with a beer

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I do live in Winchester! The nice local does salt and pepper cashews

They also do these



  • Pickled egg
  • Jar of Mussels
  • Tory

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Surprised pork acratchings are so high as heyre usually abysmal

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I’m more a crab sticks kinda guy tbh