Scams you've fallen for

Probably been done but hyg’s post in that thread reminded me of getting done by a fake data recovery company. 200 bones down the drain.

My DiS+ membership has been quite disappointing too

the free wallet cleaning service seem to be taking their time now that i think about it


bought some oregano off a guy I’d been buying weed off for a while years ago. not sure what was going through his head tbh, as we’d spend about 60 quid between us every week with him. His name was Tony and we’d pick up when he was walking his two dogs, so the transaction was always enjoyable.

obviously never went back.

Should have got the lads together and filed a class action suit


Twice in recent months I’ve been stopped round the corner from my flat by people who wanted to use my phone. And both times I reluctantly ended up agreeing, but ended up holding my phone and dialling on speaker, like I obviously didn’t trust them (which I didn’t to be fair, but probably made me look like a wanker). One time he got straight through to someone, had a chat in heavy patois and thanked me (TELL YOUR LADY YOU HELPED A NEGRO OUT) the other person made me call three numbers with no response (I was amazed she even knew three numbers off the top of her head) with no response and I wouldn’t let her try any more. Don’t think I was actively scammed but it still felt off.

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after Uni I worked in a bookshop

I got a fake £20 note passed to me once, should have been obvious as the guy who did it quickly scanned the shop for the cheapest thing he could find (£1 mini book thing)

Another time the manager and I were both there. This big family came in, saying they were in the UK on holiday and were looking for bank notes with specific serial numbers for some kind of collection.

One of the family would get one of us away from the till, while the rest sort of bamboozled and distracted the other person so they could get in the till. The somehow got away with about £200.

Felt a right idiot, glad I didn’t get done when I was on my own and the manager was there too.

Felt like a lot of money at the time - not so much now.


Oh, my dad once got done by this semi-famous scammer at Reading services:

Yeah i never do this. Always offer money for a payphone instead which nobody ever seems to take you up on.

I got approached at services once who claimed to be a BMW salesman who had Rolex’s going spare which BMW were giving away as free gifts to people who bought cars. He would sell me the 100% genuine Rolex for a knock down bargain price.

He failed to appreciate how little I wanted a Rolex


that’s not really a scam is it though? just someone asking for money

a scam has to be a bit more complicated surely

I really want to watch the film The Grifters again - feels like that movie has fallen off the radar a bit.

I read the book recently, it’s good if you like hard boiled fiction

Well it’s a scam in that she tells a bunch of lies and a plausible sob story to make you give up your money. It’s not like she just says “Can I have £20 to spend on whatever I like”, because everyone would say no to that.

I wouldn’t. find the whole process of pretending you need money for a bus or something like that really degrading. would really prefer it if we could just be upfront about the whole thing. its up to them how they spend the money, and tbh, i’d probably need a drink/hit of something if I was living on the street.

top all-time scamming fiction is The Sting. fucking love that film


I get texts from Barclays telling me that I need to verify the £1,976.00 Apple transaction that went through my account this morning. The first time it happened I checked the number online and it was/is a genuine Barclays number. Called them and spoke to a woman who sounded relatively plausible. She asked me to get my card and use the PIN Sentry reader to get the security code for her. Although I was still sceptical it was only at this point in the call that I realised 100% I was being scammed. My only mistake was to inform Barclays who then reset my online account services and left me without it for a week while it was investigated. Also, can imagine that less savvy people (I work in financial services) would get taken in by these fuckers.

Can I have £20 to spend on whatever I like?


Have you even heard of the Sting?


A man approached me in Derby late last year. He asked if I was a student. I said no. He asked if I smoked. I said no. He asked if I smoked weed. I said sometimes. Then came the pitch - he had 5kg (!!!) of weed in his bag and he had no idea what to do with it, and he’d give it to me for just £10. He got a bit funny when I turned him down. I just walked away. Was it a scam, a sting, or did I miss out on a genuinely good offer?

got stung by a bee once…

£20 for a pot of honey



for sure

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