Scams you've fallen for

Funny you say that, the first guy had a handful of change but specifically said he didn’t want to walk all the way down to the nearest payphone (which would have been about a 20 minute round trip to be fair).

there’s a big community of people who wind up scam artists as a hobby, specifically the ‘Nigerian prince’ type scams. there’s some pretty wild stuff here where they reverse scam the scammers and get them to do stuff like recreate the Monty Python parrot sketch by claiming they’re movie producers

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if you need it, sure!

(£2, i’d never give anyone twenty quid cus I’m a broke ass bum).

Not a scam though is it, and people who go and DON’T spend money are the fucking worst

Ha. There was also a guy in Derby who used to do this with a ‘laptop’ which was actually a laptop bag containing a brick. Think he was charging more than a tenner though…

Mine are always travelling based.

Got a dodgy taxi after an 11 hour flight from London to Hanoi. My wife genuinely thought the guy was going to drive us into the countryside and kill/sell us. He got us to our hotel and charged about 10 quid more than an actual licensed taxi would do.

Never stand still in Havana looking at a map. A friendly guy showed us into his mate’s bar that was so fucking grim and ordered us a couple of cocktails. I’ve never drank so quickly in my life.

Bought a gram of coke from an American guy I’d just met in Caesar’s Palace on a stag do in Vegas. Turned out it was crushed up pills.

Posted this in the wrong thread:

Oh got scammed in Barcelona recently but I knew what I was getting into, was buying a knock off jersey in a souvenir shop, they show you shirt on display and it’s the real deal, they make out that’s what you’re getting they take it behind the till, disappear for a minute then come back with your shirt, which is a fake (though not a bad one tbf) already in a bag. The guy gave me a cheeky wink and threw in a keyring.

Might be the same guy!

Who’d buy a laptop on the street?!


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pre ordered a plastc on recommendation from a friend and it’s turning out to not be a viable product - I think they’re going to dissolve and claim bankruptcy so they don’t have to refund anyone :-/

in the 90s there were loads of scams going on where they would move into an empty shop and have a big auction/ sale type thing. They would be showing a legitimate disc man or something - but you would end up buying a box which with a cheap knock off in it - usually run by scary looking guys

I never was sucked in as the fact that it was a scam was very well publicised in the media - but there always seemed to be lots of people in them

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Foreign taxis are classic. Got into a cab in Mumbai and went about 10 minutes, the dude charged us (I think) 300 rupees, about £3, sounded fine. Got one later, same kind of journey, offered the driver 300 rupees, he looked annoyed and spent ages getting change, gave us more than 250 back… turned out that type of journey was only worth 30 rupees, or 30p, the first guy had literally charged us 10 times the going rate. But good luck to him, I guess, he made a day’s pay off one trip and we didn’t even notice the difference.


Jeremy Dyson (of League of Gentlemen fame) has a pretty disturbing short story about this. I’d no idea it was something that actually happened.

saw one once where they got the scammer to get a tattoo

what’s amazing is that the scams pre date the internet - thew bookshop I worked in got one in letter form in about 1996

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People from Derby

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Not so much scammed but thought I might be potentially about to get murdered when a bit stuck in long island, it turned out fine and the guy even told us about is routine for buying three gallons of milk on a Friday from the shop and returning the trolley on the Monday.

A woman at work this week has fallen for one of those photoshoot things.
Where someone comes up to you on the street and offers you a photoshoot and she paid £40 for the shoot and £100 deposit!
as if that photoshoot is gonna happen and if it does, she’ll be paying loads extra for prints/make up etc


Yeah a particularly vain classmate fell for that one - he paid way over the odds, but got the shots and everything. It cost a bomb and he was not model material :grimacing: Just ended up with a load of cringey professional pictures of himself to do little with. (I think he tried to go to an agency but they were having none of it)