Scan As You Go/Self-Scanning etc

Are you into it? For some reason I’m dead set against doing it. If I’m doing a big shop I like to lay it all out on the conveyor belt and interact with someone. Self service for bits and bobs, obviously, and that’s fine by me, but the idea of going about with a little scanner thing trying to get the barcodes to go through and meticulously checking that it’s all present and correct and getting in people’s way gives me the absolute boke.

Self scanning is a great way to occupy a 4 year old. All for it


None of the shops round here do it

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Think it’s too tempting to start stealing so don’t use it

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Love self scanning, never looking back. Extra bonus in that you get to pack as you shop so save time at the end, makes it feel much easier and smoother

Extra extra bonus you can make noises with your mouth whenever you shoot the barcodes

I can make noises with my mouth whenever I damn please!


Just really helpful for sticking to a budget for me, Clive

haters will say you can add up in your mind as you go but I’m usually pretty tired when I do the big shop

No. Sometimes I change my mind and put stuff back on the shelf.

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If they want to pay me an hourly rate for doing it, then yeah


Fucking love it!

I also have a policy of just not paying for things if it doesn’t scan properly in the supermarket


I don’t think it’s my responsibility if the shops technology doesn’t work, and I’m not going to remove the benefits of self scanning due to their short comings (not my problem)



Nominally up for it although it’s never apparent at the entrances for the supermarkets I use so I never think about it.

Also I only ever use a basket, so packing as I go feels like a nightmare.

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Never buy enough at once for the benefits to be worth it really - probs top out at 10 items a shop, more often around 5

^and this

not sure that’ll stand up in court

What is this? You don’t check at the end, you check each time you scan, just a quick glance at the scanner

Absolutely this. If I have an opportunity to walk out of a supermarket without paying for something you better believe I’m doing it.

With apologies to my supermarket working friends.


Dead against it

I just like chucking stuff in the basket and interacting a little at the till.

It’s also doing people out of jobs, I’m also generally against self service checkouts. My mum used to work on checkouts at Tescos for 30+ years. Older customers used to love going to her as mum always took time to ask about their lives, as quite often she was the only person they’d talk too all week. Tesco’s in the end made checkout operators jobs difficult as they wanted them to retire/quit so they could either get zero hour contracts in, or do away will tills and jobs.

Similar happened with my dad, he worked for William Hill and would settle bets in his head. But as it’s all now automated they made his life a misery and he retired early due to ill health.

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Love it. Fucking hate supermarkets from a sensory perspective so knowing I can get in and out with my headphones on and not need to take them off or speak to anyone is great. Also means you see the price total up as you go so much easier to budget your shop

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Yes I know. I would still manage to get in people’s way. Plus, I don’t have to check if the checkout person does it.

Feel like it could be good and useful but the first time I do it I’d have to learn how it works which is effort so I’ll just stick to self service checkouts which were introduced when I was younger and more open to change.