Scan as You Shop

Does this ever stop asking someone to rummage around your bags? Like do you have to do it a certain number of times before it stops? Or is it just random? Or does it always do it? It should be so great in theory but every time I try it I end up with an awkward interaction (which I am clearly trying to avoid by using SAYS and all my carefully packed things getting pushed around.

This doesn’t really need to be a thread but whatever.

Yeah it’s random

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Have done it not checked and checked.

The checked time was when V was literally seeing what distance he had to be to scan anything on the shelf and then having to remove it all so I presumed that came across as weird. The checkout person insisted it was random though.

Self checkout maybe better?

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Yeah, just like pushing as I go along as I find it less pressuring and can be more methodical. Also extremely useful to have a running total as someone prone to overspending. I’ll give it a couple more tries but if I’m still getting pulled up each time I’ll probably ditch it.

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It’s mostly random but there are definitely things that trigger it/increase likelihood. Lots of removals/re-scans as @slicky said. Also I think you get checked a lot more when you’ve just started doing it. I’ve been SAYSing since the start of the pando and was checked more in the first 4 months than in the 2 years since


Ah, that’s promising. Will persevere.

Occasionally get rescanned at Sainsbury’s with their Smart Shop thing. Thought maybe it was because I’d taken things out the first couple of times but it’s just random, I think.

Only ever had to re-do 5 items each time (so far). The checkout person always leaves it up to me to pick things out, which I find a bit pointless - if I was on the rob, I’d simply not pick out the items I haven’t scanned.

Saw it happen once and someone had a strop and stormed off, leaving their trolley full of shopping. I mean, yeah it’s a bit annoying, but less annoying than going elsewhere and having to do your weekly shopping again ffs.

This is a sainsbos specific bit of anecdotal evidence btw but imagine the algorithm is similar everywhere

Hadn’t considered that. Have only tried at Tesco. I’d email them and ask but think that would probably trigger an ‘always check’ on my account.

Only been SAYGing for the past couple of months, but I’ve only been rummaged on my first 2 times. Nothing since then. Definitely worth keeping with it.

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Reckon it happens to me about 1/10 times, maybe not even that often. And they generally just have to scan five or so items themselves to make sure it tracks.

Adds a bit of a frisson to my increasingly casual shoplifting anyway.

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Massive fan of it. The random checks are frustrating but often funny for me, when I’m there with 5 bags of kitty litter, an array of wines and one meal’s worth of vegetables. Good way of keeping tabs on what you’re spending, though and in Tesco, at least, it shows your savings.

Ps, sorry I didn’t read the thread, so I hope you can skim past this post, itlf it’s not in keeping with the chat.


Yeah, that was part of the problem - the shop was almost entirely wine and junk food so it felt very judgy (even though I’m sure the guy couldn’t have cared less). Makes so much sense though, surprised more people don’t do it.

Pretty sure it’s just random. A couple of months ago I got rummaged and had unintentionally missed scanning something. Had to then take the whole lot to a regular till to have it all scanned, which was very annoying. Not been rummaged since then, which suggests I’m not on some kind of watchlist for my crimes.

I’ve been using the clubcard points to buy free delivery but they have/are putting an end to that (meanies)

Love not having to go to a supermarket.

Never tried SAYS/G, never realised there was a possibility of rummaging. Will probably never try it now.

Might try this. Supermarket shops are so fucking stressful for me. Been online shopping recently, but I find the search functions really inadequate, and I end up forgetting loads of stuff.

Don’t really have an issue budgeting. I’ve always kept tally as walking round, even on a bigshop, but for me it’s more the crowds, the noise (tannoys in particular), and the burden of choice.

Main issue is I can’t picture meals. Obviously I can grab a pizza or something, but if I was making a meal I can’t mentally itemise the ingredients. There have been times when I’ve gone to the supermarket and spent, say, £100, and got home without the ingredients for a single meal.

Lately I’ve been trying to sort of lay stuff out in my trolley by day, but then I get into a real panic trying to organise it. Sometimes I end up in the pet food aisle (which is normally the quietest) in a right sweaty mess and bordering on a breakdown.

I just want them to lock the doors, turn the sound off, tell everyone else to fuck off and leave me for an hour. Is that too much to ask?

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Wait, there are random checks at self service tills in the UK?

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We tend to do a weekly meal plan and sort out what we have and what we need to buy before we go, which often makes it much cheaper than if we just go with the idea of getting some stuff to see us through the week.

Re: sensory stuff, do any shops near you do w quiet hour? Our local has a quiet hour with no music etc to help people who have a hard time with sensory overload.

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Very rarely get stopped for a check. My bigger annoyance is the “Check if they’re 25+” thing when you’re buying something daft like scissors or an energy drink. Think I even had it once for Pritt stick.

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