Scandi/Nordic Telly 2017 (rolling)


Yes, people still watch it.

Yes, it’s still miles better than any of the British stuff.

Yes, they’re not quite as good as the one with the woman in the massive jumper.

  • Follow the Money, Series 2 started last night on BBC4. Excellent. Bit of an angle to it as well (banking fraud) beyond murder mystery, and obviously Claudia’s bangtidy.
  • There’s a Danish film on BBC4 tonight called The Hunt. Reviews are pretty good. Few years old now.

  • Finnish/Russian drama called Bordertown due on Netflix shortly.

  • Swedish/French one, Midnight Sun starts on Sky Atlantic on the 15th. Sounds a bit similar to the UK version of Wallander.

  • Icelandic crime drama called Case on Channel 4 and Walter Presents.

  • Norweigen series called Acquitted. Synposis something, something, returning migrant, murder, etc.

Anyone bothering? Seen any? Know of others?


The hunt is really good imo


Yeah, the Hunt is very good.

Occupied was pretty fun. A little bit silly, but entertaining enough. It’s on the US netflix, dunno if it’s on the UK version.



Glad to see Follow the Money back, first season was excellent


There is also ‘The Team’ currently on More 4 which ups the Euro Noir stakes by roving across Europe with the main characters being Danish (Troels from The Killing) German and Belgian.

Case was brutal by the way - but the best thing I’ve watched this year.


Yeah, Occupied is on the UK Netflix…

And The Hunt is excellent viewing as well.


scandi noir is dead

Scandi noir is dead


Tbf if guardian says something is dead, it probably died a couple years before


THIS!!! (It’s Skam)




Can watch episodes here BTW if anyone is into teen drama. It’s all pretty short so not much of a commitment.

Season two goes a bit off at times but seasons one and three are :heart_eyes:


They’re filming the new one now you know


Yep. It’s going to be Sana this time right? Haven’t really looked at anything since season 4 ended so might be a bit behind on news.


I think so, although I was kind of hoping for Vilde tbh. A Sana season will obviously be amazing though. And obvs no one actually knows for sure yet…

I get the feeling this was actually meant to be a thread about nordic noir etc and we’ve just kind of hijacked it with Skam. But obvs EVERYONE needs to watch it anyway, so whatever.

Hey, so you know the flat where Noora and Eskild and Isak and Linn live? It is literally one minute from my flat. AND a friend of mine lives in the actual flat. I’ve been there a couple of times and the kitchen shelves still have Noora and Eskild written on them in permanent marker :heart_eyes::joy:


does anyone have an episode guide to the first series of the killing?

currently watching it but cant see it regularly so sometimes theres gaps


There’s one on the Guardian and one on the BBC websites that I can’t access here.


I think the Guardian only does the last two series and the bbc one is quite vague :frowning:


The second series of Follow the Money has been going through the motions a bit for me, trying a bit too hard, like The Killing did…a twist…woah another one, etc.

Coming to the conclusion that Beck’s a lot better than most of the other modern ones.