Scanning homeless people because you obviously only want to give to the “deserving poor” plus you never have any cash and withdrawing some would be a total hassle

Need to sit down after getting angry about this. The bit in the video where the actor (presumably) playing the homeless man waits patiently whilst his homelessness membership badges is scanned by a £500 plus phone is just…argh

New series of black mirror, finally


I haven’t watched this video, but I assume this is one of those “well meaning” ideas that should have been killed at birth?


Another example of tech bellends thinking there’s a very sensible and good way of overcoming a problem in society without paying any attention to the root causes of the problem, innit


Tech is shit. I’m a fucking business analyst and I hate tech. Work makes my brain itch.

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The Horniman Museum has a thing on the wall where you can scan your contactless card / phone to donate a pound to the museum. That’s quite good.

This is not.




It’s funny because it sounds like “Horny Man”.


Yeah, this needs to go in the fascism thread

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They have those on the Gromits this year in Bristol.

“I was sorely disappointed for being thrown out for having semi”

The quicker countries wake up to a universal basic income solution the better

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one homeless person weights about the same as fourteen hundred carrots, so you can just scan them and not take part in this ridiculous scheme

yeah, think contactless donation points for charities is an actual good idea


Thought this was going to be about giving homeless people a look over before giving them any cash, but this is much worse


Yeah contactless collection buckets/tins will be kinda the norm in 5 or so years I reckon. Plenty of them knocking about even now.

I’m a little surprised it’s not already the case with the likes of the Big Issue. Probably quite a few difficulties in sorting out the logistics though.

There used to be a big community of homeless people camped under the Oxford Road flyover in Manchester. I don’t go into town much, but the last time i did i noticed they’d squeezed some containers into the space on one side of the road and moved in a trendy café and record shop, then on the other side of the road a massive cycle store which was 90% unused. The homeless people are generally now living down the canal paths by Piccadilly station.

Horrendous innit.

Getting the feeling that contactless was named for the lack of human contact that was coming rather than the actual reason


“Alright mate can I have £3 that i need for my hostel tonight. Wait hold on forgot about the processing fees of 20% can I have £3.60 please. Actually that only gives me £2.88. Fuck it I’ll sleep outside”