Scanning homeless people because you obviously only want to give to the “deserving poor” plus you never have any cash and withdrawing some would be a total hassle

I’m a little surprised it’s not already the case with the likes of the Big Issue. Probably quite a few difficulties in sorting out the logistics though.

There used to be a big community of homeless people camped under the Oxford Road flyover in Manchester. I don’t go into town much, but the last time i did i noticed they’d squeezed some containers into the space on one side of the road and moved in a trendy café and record shop, then on the other side of the road a massive cycle store which was 90% unused. The homeless people are generally now living down the canal paths by Piccadilly station.

Horrendous innit.

Getting the feeling that contactless was named for the lack of human contact that was coming rather than the actual reason


“Alright mate can I have £3 that i need for my hostel tonight. Wait hold on forgot about the processing fees of 20% can I have £3.60 please. Actually that only gives me £2.88. Fuck it I’ll sleep outside”


Big Issue’s probably the exact sort of organisation that will be able to do it successfully - big infrastructure behind them and also each individual vendor operates as a de facto sole trader don’t they so makes sense for them to be made available to sellers and then they can individually choose whether to front up the extra for them.

If I was the British Legion I would also be looking to roll this out as quickly as possible for the Poppy Appeal.

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the cost of rent, utilities etc would just double. It would be like player sales when the premier league came into mega money

Yeah it would have to go hand in hand with socialism

Nothing has ever been made better by adding QR codes


I liked it when they first became THE THING about 8 years ago and you’d occasionally see an advert on a tube platform with one on it.

I mean if you don’t want your marketing budget lads you can just give it to me instead, that’s fine.

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Tagging m&e assets has made it better

Penoid tournaments have a stupid system where you find out who you’re playing by crowding round a printed list at the beginning of every round. It’s a faff.

At some tournaments they’re being replaced by a big QR code at the beginning of round one that takes you to an online list of pairings that gets updated each round. It is a huge improvement.

No advertising idiot has ever made a more stupid decision than putting a QR code on the Tube.

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He’s taking it down from the inside!

I replace people with process and tech. I hate it but money

My political allegiances don’t fit my job

£50k a year plus car and benefits though so…

At least you’ve got actual skin in the game bud, I’ll give you that

Bit rich coming from a book seller. Stone carvers all lost their job due to the invention of the printing press.


So there’d be a big upswing in Tex receipts


If you thought bookmark attack was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet