Scanning homeless people because you obviously only want to give to the “deserving poor” plus you never have any cash and withdrawing some would be a total hassle


Indeed, but long term benefits don’t really fit into a system where you’ve essentially got 4/5 years to prove your government’s effectiveness


Because those ‘long term costs’ to the state/society = short term profits to private sector solutions which inevitably are owned by Tories & promote further Toryism


Yes, and in my defence it’s where there is usually at least one person sitting in the same spot begging. I did the honourable thing and legged it.


it’s not just about cutting costs though. there are far more important macroeconomic reasons.

one of the main objectives of welfare reform has been to flexibilise the labour market and erode the autonomy of labour power. it’s ultimately about shaping the jobs market so that people have to compete for insecure jobs that pay and offer the benefits that capital dictates. it is not at all a coincidence that it’s coincided in the rise of zero hours contracts, bogus self-employment, the gig economy etc.


Oh I know this ofc. I’m over simplifying kind of deliberately. The part that confuses me is the sort termism writ large in modern conservatism and that they’re still considered to be the “safe pair of hands”.

(Brexit aside, which everyone is still pretending will be okay in any time frame)

Like how is it that the modern Tory party has got away with selling snake oil for so long?!


idk, I think they stand quite firmly for the sustained unquestioned longterm authority of capital :frowning:


True that.

I’m basically just shouting out into the abyss tbh. It just baffles me that Chris’s Grayling can look at the railways and say “the private sector is failing here. I know what’ll fix this. Even MORE complex private sector deals.”


think even rich people are being very much scammed by capitalism

genuinely dont know why anyone would want to be anything more than comfortable with a secure job, a good amount of leisure time and decent public services available. we all go home and watch the same tv shows in the evening and probably eat quite similar food and have similar sex. there’s literally no point to being rich.


My new favourite slogan


you mean you don’t want to own a mega yacht?


Here we go then. I take it back about not being considered a vote winner. Thoughts on how effective the plans would be? 10 years seems a short period.


I mean obviously I would like to see something done but at the same time when you read this

It has promised £100m “to help people turn their lives around”, including support for mental health and addictions, and funding for housing.

and know full well the Tories’s ideology is exactly why we have so many homeless people, that Thatcher essentially created these problems and the Tories with the aid of their media support made sure that making new council housing would always be a huge vote loser, it is just disgusting.

And of course they’re lying because if they weren’t they’d be a different party. Scumbags.


Shelters latest figures were 300k homeless or in inadequate housing. Hope everyone enjoys their 1/3 of a months rent in a major city


It’s one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” things for me.

I’ve little doubt the Tories want to end rough sleeping as it’s a visible reminder to voters of the impact austerity’s had over the last decade, but 100m is probably only going to scratch the surface, particularly when the rest of government policy continues to push people that way and councils increasingly are being pushed into funding crisis and unable to pay for the basics.


So you reckon the ‘in ten years’ bit is far enough away that they’ll never actually have to see it through?


Pretty much. It’s two elections away and history tells us that governments run out of steam eventually.


I don’t get the reference here.


On top of all the moral reasons this is awful, I’ve still never scanned a QR code in my life, nor had the software on my phone to do so, nor seen anyone else scan one


£100m divided among 300k homeless people