(the Pacino one).

Shite. Never understood why it’s so revered by people.

Quite like Pacino, think he’s been in five or six great films (The Godfather, The Godfather II, Glengarry Glen Ross, Scarecrow, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon), but Scarface is bobbins. Heat isn’t much better.



Scarface is cheesy but alright. Never got the fuss about heat.

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Carlito’s Way is also shite.

Every footballers favourite film. So bad it’s good.

Yeah shit film for cunts tbh

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This is a wrong opinion. Cheesy, yes but ultimately a good film.


Just a guy who’s really good at scarves, innit.


Pacino’s great in Angels in America too but I think it’s like a tv film rather than a real film who fucking cares fuck off

…And Justice For All is worthy of inclusion in that list. Some iconic scenes in that.

Scarface is to be taken lightly but it’s good fun if you separate it from classic film status.

Completely agree about Scarface. Completely disagree about Heat

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Scarface is terrible, aye, but always nice to see Pacino dancing.

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scarface is codswallop.

Heat is fucking great. On of my top 5 films and I’m really deep and intelligent and that


No it’s not

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I base my entire management technique on Micheal corleone

Agree almost entirely with the op, except of course re glengarry Glen Ross: aka the worst film of all time.

I like Scarface.

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Dont think old Al has done that much to make me think he is one of the greatest actors ever (aside from.Jack and Jill)

I love Carlito’s Way, I was really routing for him to succeed in ‘going straight’. Also that early scene with the trick shot is excellent. The whole film has a great sense of place and time, I lost myself in 1970s Cuban Miami!

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When I first watched it, aged 13 I think, I thought this bit was brilliant.

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