Scary door thread

what have you been reading or watching lately?

i think i mentioned in another thread that i actually read up on the real life men in black for the first time the other night. knew about them vaguely (and that they’d inspired the comics and the observers in fringe etc.), but had never read into the accounts.

Not so much what I’m reading, but the Airbnb I’m staying at atm has a hallway that feels like it’s straight out of a horror film :cold_sweat:

Basically I’ve got a room on the top floor of a building, no one else is staying up here. I’ve got an ensuite bathroom, but it’s down this hallway:


that’s great and also genuinely scary

I have actually a real life one (sorta)
I have a photo of my phone which is of me, and it looks like I’m sat up in bed smiling. but it looks like someone has taken it through a window at me as i’m behind a frame.

It;s so odd and I still can’t think where it has come from. I can try post it if anyone wants?

also there was a good list in the horror thread of the best scary films this century, watched one of the top ones I hadnt seen the other night (Resolution) and it were shit

go in the ensuite, bet the taps pour black

Thankfully clear water runs from the taps and shower, but the pic on the wall turned out to be a painting of a load of demons attacking people behind a small door. So glad I clocked that during the day and not in the middle of the night!

Rip dingaling


good luck! i’m not sure i’d be able to sleep, i’d just lie awake, holding my pee in all night :scream:

Thank you! Sleeping with the lights on. Two more nights! :grimacing::cold_sweat:

this made me shudder

That Australian family road trip freaks me out. WTF is going on there?

Also, watch Who Took Johnny last night on netflix - so creepy

Ended up bankrupting myself to get a hotel room for the last night, best decision I ever made :sunglasses:

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Here’s one

Loved this thread on the old forum. It proper put the shits up me.


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I may have deleted it! I’ll have a look though and see when I get back (dunno how to upload at work(

So, this is like the setup for one of @saps riddles but…well, fucking hell

The thing that drifted ashore by Junji Ito.

Remember to read it from right to left!

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And by the same guy, one of the most disturbing short stories of all time.

Again, read from right to left!

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