Scary Songs



There are certainly scarier Scott Walker songs out there, but other than that, this is quite a good list:

I do find Hamburger Lady and Frankie Teardrop genuinely terrifying, to the point that I don’t really want to hear either ever again.

Know any more scary songs?


Intense Humming of Evil - Manic Street Preachers (self explanatory!)

Get Out of My House by Kate Bush. Sounds like someone having a breakdown. And has scary donkey noises on it. Waking the Witch by her too.


based on her nearly dying. double points for being even scarier live


Like Herod by Mogwai has been known to make me jump.






Acoustic Ladyland - Road Of Bones

Good one to put on to make people wake up and think the world is ending

Not on YouTube, boo



haxan cloak is on the list but not pharmakon???


Daniel Johnstone


I believe Get Out of My House is sung from the perspective of a ghost. Fantastic song.


The Sirens by Rachel’s, It’s not on You Tube either :frowning:

Also, this is probably cheating, but Suspiria by Goblin


Dunno about scary, but I find a lot of the Residents best stuff deeply unsettling (in a good way, obv):



the gift and lady godiva’s operation both freak me out


Saw them live earlier this year! Pretty intense!


Absolutely love these tracks especially when listening to them with headphones. The way Reed and Cale’s vocals float between the two is thrilling and indeed creepy.

And that THUMP sound at the end of The Gift :heart:


Soap&Skin - Sugarbread


Air - Dead Bodies

Broadcast - Mark of the Devil

Liars - Flow my tears Spider said

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - From her to Eternity

Lou Reed - The Kids


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