Scary stuff that's aimed at kids


Raggety from Rupert is pretty creepy looking.

image image


The Moomins


what’s Raggety’s deal, saps. I’d like to meet him/her/it



The Witches



this image is actually pretty heartbreaking and relatable. just going to imagine that Raggety is a lonely stick creature who just wants love but isn’t capable of making it work because he’s made of sticks.


Wikipedia says

“One of the most unusual and evocative characters is Raggety, a woodland troll-creature made from twigs, who is often very grumpy and annoying.”


Watership Down - especially General Woundwart


Still kind of incredible that this made it into a kids film


:smiley: I love him

in that image, he’s in the living room of someone he’s besotted with, and he’s sat there in the aftermath of grabbing some flowers out of a plantpot as a failed romantic gesture.

that was a house plant, Raggety. and you didn’t even knock, you just used your woodland magic to trick your way down the chimney. you got soil everywhere.


this bit in animals of farthing wood fucked me up a bit as a kid


Princess Mombi


If we’re going with Return To Oz, surely the opening scene where Dorothy is about to get lobotomized is the scary bit? Even the Wheelers were a welcome relief after that.



could really go for some Farthing Wood tragedy rn.

like, I’m pretty sure that was the first taste of mortality for a significant part of a generation.


I’ve always been more affected by body horror and for me the character of Princess Mombi was probably the earliest example of that I remember seeing.


The implications of toy story are the stuff of nightmares


Would love a Riverdale-esque remake of it.

Though don’t tempt the furries.


Not scary but the cartoon animal farm film made me cry as a kid