Scented toilet roll

Any thoughts, friends?

I’m posting this as I sit on the loo post wee, having just ripped open a pack of Andrex “touch of care” and noticed it smelt lovely, because it’s enriched with lavender lotion. A fun treat but not why I purchased it.

I once bought a four pack of scented toilet roll from m&s that had flowers on it, and no one was ever allowed to use it. I would keep it in the airing cupboard and pop a roll on the holder when my Nanna came over. Wanted her to think I was successful.

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It makes your anus smell terrific even after doing a poo!


One of my worst shopping mistakes, picking up a scented instead of a plain. Especially if it’s an 18 roller, cloying up the bathroom for weeks. Not for me.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.
“Antpocalypsenow, from the internet, has a lovely smelling anus.”


Such a catchy jingle


Do you mean your as in my or your as in specifically Kerms?

How does one smell one’s own anus?

Sometimes people use toilet roll for wiping things other than their anuses though, I wonder if scented toiler roll can be troubling in those moments

Specifically Kermo



Don’t trust scented roll myself, who are they trying to kid?

Tbf I do agree, would never purchase it by choice. Feel like it’s bad for the environment and also my personal PH balance.

Can’t say I didn’t enjoy the surprise though.

It’s always recommended against in the case of cystitis.

Can think of better surprises tbh tbf

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They could, however, make some of the scents a bit more dynamic and interesting in my opinion.

Well that makes sense. God bless, I’ve only had that once but fuck me it was terrible. Was on the bus home and it went over a speed bump and I cried. Nasty business.

What scents would you go for, Tone?


I love it, also scented binbags

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Tesco’s do a coconut scented one now, dunno why, I like it though.

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Lavender always

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