School fun

When I was in P4 I had a poem about the vice principal who was called Mr Long. It went as follows:

I like Mr Long
because he comes from Hong Kong

I recited it to my wee mate once and he laughed so hard that a massive stringy bogey came out his nose and he got in trouble.

I imagine you’ll have similar stories, but hopefully better.

Was he actually from Hong Kong?

not in the slightest, I took some poetic licence there to be fair

Then I don’t understand the joke, sorry.

I don’t think it would be any funnier if he was. I don’t think there is actually any humour in the poem but in a kid finding something like that so funny that snot came out and getting in trouble.

Like I say, similar stories but hopefully better.

This has all gone a bit Stewart Lee for me, I’m afraid.

you just need to have kept up to date with the character over the past 20 years in order to enjoy it


Better? Than that? We can only dream.

I saw saps tying in here a minute ago, maybe he’s got something

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think you’ll find Mr Long hasn’t changed his voice in the last ten years.


name redacted once shat himself, took off his pants and stuffed them in his coatpocket in the cloakroom. Whole place stank of poo.

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When I was in first year juniors my teacher was called Miss Dawson. We all called her Miss Doorknob. One day I was in trouble and got sent to the headmaster where I accidentally referred to her as Miss Doorknob. He didn’t take it well.

[Side point - I can remember the names of all four of my primary school teachers. Does this make me odd?]

Miss Doorknob - nice
Miss Wade - mortal sworn enemy
Mr Thorneycroft - nice
Mr Tew - nice and one of the kids in my class always called him Mr Too.

Still a massive fan of this story:



ah right, that’s what that post was about a few weeks ago

Front bottom…


Never heard it called that before


Mr Tucker had a massive chin. Never seen anything like it, something me and old school friends still talk about to this day.

Did Mr Tucker have a nickname?

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