School Reunions. Anyone been to one?

I’m not on Facebook or Twitter but an old schoolmate has managed to track me down and sent me a text of a school reunion that’s happening. I haven’t spoken to this guy since 1997.

I’m 41 and so older than the average age of a DiS user (yes, i was hoping for better things in life than being a semi regular poster on here too :wink:)

Anyone been to a reunion? I’ve little interest. I’ve very close friends that I’ve known since me starting high school; good mates for over 30 years but have little interest in the others. I wish them well, but after a 20+ year gap don’t wish to know them.

Would any of you guys go to one? Been to one? How was it?

Went to my 20 year school reunion last year, didn’t really wanna go but glad I did in the end. Was nice to see some folk I hadn’t seen in years, that being said other folk I couldn’t give two shits about and they’re as irritating now as they were back then.
Was quite funny how we all naturally drifted back to our wee groups that we had at school

Would absolutely not go to a high school reunion. Probably was one 10 years after we graduated, I imagine, but none of them (bar one guy who is actually alright) will have had any means of getting in touch with me so I’ve been blissfully ignorant.

Wouldn’t really mind a college reunion but I wouldn’t go out of my way to attend, either - there was a ten year reunion for that just over two years ago and I would have probably gone if I hadn’t been away for a festival at the time.

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Literal nightmare vision

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I almost certainly will avoid the one that I’ve been invited to. Coincidentally I’ve a framed print of Grosse Point Blank on my wall. Love that film and a reason for not going to school reunions.

From a make perspective are they just dick measuring exercises? How much exciting shit and how rich you are compared to the next guy as we’ve all had the same shit below average comprehensive education?

Am I being too negative?

I think that’s a big part of it, yes.

I haven’t seen anyone from school since my early twenties and although it would be interesting to see how people are doing, I don’t know if I could be arsed with a reunion.

Have a uni reunion dinner every Christmas, that do for me.

Yeah. That too. Do strong the personalities back in the day drift back to their default? I was a geek (I’m 41 and post on this bloody site FFS) but wasn’t a total wallflower but definitely not one of the cool guys.

I’m curious to know about a few people but don’t want to actually meet them to find out.

i wouldn’t, but it’s personal circumstance. i was in a bad school in a poor area, got in lot of trouble and despised it. absolutely no chance of investment bankers, the people who weren’t in prison would have to leave before curfew.

if i was from a nice place and went somewhere decent i think i’d go. but i imagine it’d be a room full of people reciting their CVs

From a bloke* perspective

Predictive texting you understand

Hell no


i’d go if my friends were going. but generally i’m still in touch with most of the people i was friends with at school and not particularly bothered about seeing the rest of them again. will often bump into old schoolmates in the pub at christmas anyway.


A wee bit bit I found they didn’t have the ego they had when at school, they’ve got kids and wives and serious jobs, so I’m favt most of them
Spent time talking about their kids and married life. I wouldn’t have gone if a good pal hadn’t coerced me but like I say it was good to meet some folk and some folk who I didn’t really know at school turned out to be great chat at the reunion.
I didn’t really belong to a crowd as such in school, mainly cos I thought they were all twats, and a lot of them were and are but many are sound as fuck.

Fuck it, head along, if you decided you don’t like it then walk out and who gives a fuck.

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Fair points.

My default is fuck it don’t go. It’s a curiosity I didn’t have but being a hypocrite started thread about it.

I’ll have a think. I don’t even know when it’s happening. Almost certainly won’t go but was interesting in various inputs/outlooks of a school reunion.

I think you should go and live blog it on DiS :grinning:

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No way. I have some respect.

Actually, there’s none.


Well 3 or 4 of my current friends are from high school, proper bond for life situation I guess, but other than that I haven’t seen anyone from school since at least 2006, nor have I been to the 2 (two!!) reunions there have been since we left in the mid-00s. I’ve heard the odd tale of how incredibly successful many of the people who were in my year have become - at least two are millionaires - and I don’t think my ego could take a compare and contrast session, especially if alcohol were involved.

Nah, most of my best mates are now former uni friends rather than school and I still see them fairly regularly due to quite a few of us being in London.

I’ve muted or deleted loads of school people from Facebook and that because I just don’t have anything in common with or that I really want to share with them.

if i could check beforehand that everyone i hated was either a failure or dead then i might consider it


I am still friends with everyone I want to be friends with from school, so no, no way in hell. One was almost organised for our 10 year reunion but no one responded to the person trying to organise it. As it should be.


Yes, exactly this. I’m still in touch with the ones I want to be. We meet up every year over Christmas and occasionally at other times too. Not really bothered about the rest.

I did go to a College one, though, which was decent, albeit lots of career boasting going on.