Schooldays - Polls

Best lesson

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • P. E
  • food tech
  • Metal and woodwork tech
  • Sewing tech
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Welsh
  • Irish
  • Scotch
  • RE
  • Other (please specify)
  • Latin or classics (tory option)

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  • School dinners
  • Packed lunches

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  • Walk to school
  • Bus to school
  • Bike to school
  • Lift to school (tory option)

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is just
His tory


Anon poll: Shit sorry it wasn’t anon! Fixed now

  • State school
  • Private school
  • Boarding school
  • International school
  • Home school
  • Other

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Put science because the best science lessons were always highlights of the school year. Also bunsen burners.


A mixture of lift, bus and train across the 5yrs

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Forgot IT didn’t I? Oh well noone liked It lessons in the 90s


I liked history. I got to set my book on fire to make it look old.

sometimes in music I could just go into the piano room on my own and just fuck about on the piano for the entire lesson. Way more valuable than anything else I was taught in secondary school I reckon.

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didn’t really like any of them
voted maths cos it required the least effort if you were good at it

All we did in IT was make ‘run to the sun’ posters and play Bihari Farmer. There was some sort of special IT class where people learnt real things but only certain people were allowed in it.

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That’s a hell of a commute

Set the course for the rest of my life.

always liked maths best because a) i was best at it and b) there was something i liked about there being an explicitly correct answer that you had to get, and especially later on when you had to prove stuff and you knew the start point, knew the end point and had to figure out how to get to the answer, kind of like a puzzle to be solved

but then i did maths at uni and it was absolute shite

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People putting Maths in the OP might be the most DiS thing on here for a while.


all i remember of IT at school was WordArt, ClipArt and playing Circus when the teacher wasn’t looking

oh, and if someone got up during the lesson to print something, we would turn their keyboard and mouse upside down before they get back. this then escalated to turning everything on their desk upside down, including monitor and the actual computer.

also Ctrl+Alt+Down


Didn’t really like any of them very much. When I was five years old some educational psychologist told my mum that I wouldn’t enjoy formal education until university, and they were right.

Must have been a witch.


Best days of your life

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  • Nah

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