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Pretty much gave up on my A-levels halfway through upper sixth. Really got to hating my school - I was a scholarship kid at a private school full of Thatcherite-offspring scumbags with massive entitlement issues.

Basically failed them all as a result, and why I didn’t go to university until I was 28. But that worked out really well for me??


we had a teacher called Mr Eggs



  • go to the cafeteria and draw graphs with my friends of who in our year group had got off with who
  • read about football disasters on Wikipedia
  • work on Nanowrimo or the school magazine I was editor of
  • have driving lessons

We were only allowed to properly leave school during free periods once a week on a specific day. They were called exeats


Mondays were always for driving into town, calling into the record shops to see what new releases there were, before doing a drive by at Maccy Ds making sure lot ask for lots of random sauceage and racing back to school with numerous holy god moments.


Other - sit in the park smoking AND drinking :+1:


A-Levels, if you did them

  • Stayed on at the same school
  • Went to a different school
  • Sixth form college

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There was an illegal poker school in the common room for lower 6th that the prohi feds kept trying to shut down, life always found a way though.


Depends on what people mean. It might be easy to pass everything without doing much work but I’m pretty sure it’s not easy to get straight A*s in everything.

I think A-Levels suit people who are really good at a some subjects rather than people who are broadly good at everything. Some people at my school who were not particularly high achievers really thrived in A-Level because they picked subjects which were right for them, I guess because they knew what they were good at, because they knew what they were bad at…

I preferred the variety of subjects at GCSE, I actually liked every subject I did. Then made some absolutely terrible choices at A-Level and had to do a shitload of resits before I got to uni. Basically had a ‘gap yah’ which was devoted to resits, it was ridiculous and I felt like an idiot but I did well in the end so I don’t care.

I found A-Levels harder than uni tbh.


school is so weird, I was good at most lessons except P.E and got good grades, can’t believe I turned out to be the most useless member of society possible.


personally could have done with more people telling me I would never amount to anything at an earlier age


Other: went to uni instead of sixth form


Thought I hated it, but was actually mostly fun until the last year when I suddenly started hating everything and feeling really isolated (no idea why, on reflection, but I was spending my lunchtimes hiding in the toilets etc). Generally slacked in everything until year 10 when I had a fantastic and infectiously passionate English Literature teacher, who got me really into that, which was nice.

School didn’t do A-Levels so went to a college which was about 90 minutes away on the bus. Quite liked the travelling and the feeling of freedom; didn’t talk to anyone and just sat in the library all day, really, but that’s weirdly the time I think back to most fondly.



card games mainly. occasionally went for a drive. sometimes went to bookers to stock the tuck shop. went to the pub a bit too.


Graveyard ket


Literally used to bunk off and go to the market every Friday when we had PE. My school had a swimming pool (Tory) and my friends and I said we had our periods every week so we didn’t have to get in the pool.


My dad is a postman and caught me bunking one day. My mum told the school! I didn’t stop bunking off though.


Carrying your rucksack

  • Double strap wanker
  • Inevitable future back pain

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Always had those cross-body bags


Omg school, school was so fucking horrible until my last year of sixth form. Got pretty good grades though.

Went to some different schools. One of them you had to run around the astroturf at lunch as a punishment.