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I didn’t have any lessons on a Friday afternoon in year thirteen. I used to walk home at lunchtime via a corner shop where I would buy two chow mein flavour pot noodles and get home just in time for the episode of Columbo that showed on BBC every Friday afternoon. I was so happy.


Somehow only ever had one detention but only ever did my homework about 4 times in the entire 5 years, but the worst punishment was not being allowed in maths class and having to stand in the middle of the courtyard on my own, surrounded by all the classrooms in the school. Had to do it twice and it still winds me up. I was asked a question and I said “because…[thinking]” and she was like GET OUT OF MY CLASS! I was just trying to think of the bloody answer, douchebag. Pretty much heralded me giving up on school at that point so thanks a lot Mrs Calderbank.


Didn’t put science because I preferred English and languages but this is strong reasoning. Also, when the chemistry teacher dropped magnesium into water.


I had a middle school that went up to year 7 then high schol that was about 1.2k kids from year 8 to 11. Apparently my borough was one of the last placesin the country to do this


I misvoted here as I thought it was about sleeping in bunk beds.


Music was the most fun

Clicked other coz went to a grammar school. So selective state school


I’m league 2 standard at tennis ball football


Probably made little difference. My experience was just that you ended up with girls v boys mentality plus it just meant there were girls in my class I could have stupid distracting crushes on.


oh i thought gcses were a piece of piss and a levels were fucking hell, but i could sack off sixth form and go to the pub whenever i wanted so i enjoyed it way more


my mate had quite long, sort of shoulder length hair and came in one day with it dyed jet black and twisted into big spikes. he was goth af, he did his work experience in an undertakers


A levels are definitely the hardest thing I’ve done and I’ve got a masters and PhD


were you better at humanities or sciences? i can imagine someone who’s good at science could piss humanities at GCSE but would find their specialist subjects harder at A-level, whereas someone whose strength is humanities (hi) is more likely to struggle with sciences during GCSEs but piss their specialist subjects at A-level?


I wasn’t anything, I was just bullied really badly


Remember my mum taking us out of school one day to visit the Adidas factory with her boyfriend of the time, missing a school trip to the Jewish Museum in the process (despite being of Jewish heritage) which ended up with her getting stoned for the first time in her life while we tried to play a big family game of tennis together after the shopping spree.

If you know my mum this could not be more out of character for her.

Also then got in trouble for bunking off school because she’d not told them lol.


Remember telling this boring story many times before lol


I breezed through GCSEs and A-levels with minimal effort, meaning I really fucked myself for 5+ years after finishing them when it turned out that you actually do have to put effort into things in the real world/university/employment (well I didn’t put any effort into uni, but I barely scraped a 2:1 despite the fact that I’d probably best be suited to being an academic if I could summon up the work ethic to read even a single damn book/article).

Also it’s really weird to me that people did their A-levels at their secondary school. Just feels like those two things shouldn’t meet.


I’m definitely more of a humanities person but I made the dreadful mistake of doing Maths and Science subjects at A-Level. I’m still bitter at myself for being that misguided tbh

I really wish I did subjects like History/Politics. Maths/Science was a bloody mistake…


I found my effort levels tended to decrease as I moved through each important stage of education, I probably revised more for GCSE Welsh then I did some of my third year uni exams


Other: Reading Harry Potter fanfiction in the sixth form library or just fucking the whole afternoon/day off for a proper binge read.


Had a chill music teacher who would let you hang out in music rooms during free periods. I only went to study once in 2 years, and was shouted at for reading a book instead of doing homework :expressionless:

I’d like you say we never abused these rooms that let us skive off but we were once caught having s viewing party of father Ted in a music room.