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humanities but still ok at sciences. stupidly i thought i was better at sciences than i was tho and took physics and computing (and geography and graphic design) at as level. computing i just about bluffed my way through, physics i was fully shit at. in my first physics as level exam i got a U, in the resit i got a U again but actually got a lower score in my mark breakdown, so between the two id actually forgotten stuff


Didn’t enjoy it but life is so shit it was probably better


Train to school





Tune. See also: Flying the Flag [for you] - Scooch. Love when the UK just cba at Eurovision and sends this stuff out. Fills me with genuine joy


we had to do general studies A level, which meant going to one lecture a week on a random subject. if you were missing a big enough % of your lessons you’d get spoken to but everyone realised that general studies lectures were just a tick list so people would either attempt to arrive early, tick their name and then get out before they shut the doors or get a mate to tick their name just to ensure their attendance was as high as possible. i managed to get a U in the AS level of general studies so wasn’t timetabled for it in upper 6th, looking back that failure was an absolutely brilliant move on my part

anyway, did you have to do general studies?

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Had a general studies course at some point (can’t remember if it was GCSE or a-level) but it wasn’t offered as an examination subject.

Basically it was just a chance for the staff to indulge themselves - they all just taught something they were interested in and we could choose a course to take. I did one on conspiracy theories taught by the stoner geography teacher. It was brilliant.


Don’t think general studies existed in Scotland


Did theory of knowledge which I think was similar


we had to do General Studies, Critical Thinking or Personal Finance (??) for AS level

I did Critical Thinking. the hyper-serious girl I sat next to in lessons cried at a house party because she found out I got a B despite barely doing any work, and she got a C


Ours was 45 minutes a week on whatever was happening in the news at the time, and then an exam at the end of the two years.

The lessons themselves were on essay writing and how to critically judge evidence and formulate structured arguments, so they were actually pretty useful anyway.

It seemed like an easy way to get an extra A-level.


Did it actually count for uni entry though?


My general studies exam was ridiculous - I have a vivid memory of struggling to control laughter during the exam at the garbage I was writing.

Something about building a shield round the earth to protect from asteroids and in a separate question how indiana Jones was better than star wars.

I got a B


This except I would go home and play online computer games for 12hours.


Depended on what university and what course. Mine didn’t, but many others did.


yes, but I didn’t go to a single lesson. played a game of cat and mouse with the babylon all year. they threatened on more than one occasion to throw me out of the college, but I was doing well in my other subjects with low attendance, so nothing really came of it.

edit: I went to one lesson actually, and it was something to do with philosophy and the matrix, so decided a better use of my time would be the history channel and football manager at home with my feet up.


Sixth form was such a weirdly fun time in retrospect. Free periods spent sitting on this sofa outside the common room (meant for guests but hijacked by my small friendship group of weirdoes) talking shit, and doing stuff like trying to make a speaker out of a cardboard tube so we could project Nine Inch Nails albums around corners.

I remember some days were so perfect for having really long free periods where you could just go to a friend’s house and watch a film before coming back to school in the most anti-productively chilled mood imaginable


aah yes… (gazes into distance)


I think it was called key skills rather than general studies at my college - I didn’t turn up