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i had that as well as general studies, had to do IT lessons cos i hadn’t got an A in ICT GCSE i think

i turned up now and then and had two friends in that lesson who i never saw anywhere else, we used to talk exclusively about indie music. many years later one of them came to work in the same call centre as me, i was his manager haha. i bumped into him at an agency party this week actually


Was such a waste of time. I remember having to study Heraldry as part of General Studies.


Anyone who says they found school really easy and managed to get straight As despite doing no work is full of shit really.


Gave you sweet, sweet UCAS points (don’t think I would have had enough without it)


Or really clever. One of the two.


People who said they did no revision and then magically for all As and Bs :wastebasket::wastebasket::wastebasket:


I did do iterally did no revision and did get all A’s and b’s for gsce and a level (tell a lie I got one c)

But absolutely do not class myself as intelligent or even much above ‘average’.

I just happened to have a decent memory and be fucking amazing at constructing A level essay answers.
I got massively found out at university and to an extent in the workplace.

Pretty much every day now I wish I’d been crap at that but had a decent work ethic instead.


Guess it depends what you mean by effort. I participated heavily in actual classes, but didn’t do much outside it. While that’s partly laziness, I think a big part is just that classes and participating was the best way for me to learn stuff.


I remember how they made it seem like adult life is just people asking what you got in your GCSEs


there’s not a lot that prepares you for being good at school and rubbish at life


honest advice you’d give to a teenager?

i’d tell them to get good at the following:

  • appearing confident*
  • listening**
  • understanding instructions
  • explaining things verbally

*being confident is the ultimate goal but appearing confident is a good step along the way (and will help you become truly confident)

**I’ve met less than 10 people in my life who i’d describe as being genuinely good at listening


“everyone else is as weird as you. no, really!”


that’s a goodun!

also, 98% of the time adults are winging it


I mean people who claim or really try hard to give this impression they’ve never got below 80% in any exam or test they’ve ever sat (bullshit), and then really rubbing it in by basically implying ‘I didn’t do much work, I’m just naturally very clever’ (also bullshit, a lot of the time). I think there’s actually a slight intention of wanting to ridicule anyone who isn’t part of a ‘gifted and talented’ scheme but still wants to put the effort in and do well for themselves. I get this sense from other people sometimes that you have to ‘know your place’ and not over-achieve.

I mean I actually did get mostly As and A*s in my GCSEs but I worked bloody fucking hard for it. That doesn’t mean I’m stupid necessarily, although sometimes I feel like I’m made to feel that way by some people. Or at least I very much did at school.


I found school mostly easy and it really hasn’t helped me at all. left me ill equipped for dealing with failure and arrogant. I guess the grass is always greener.