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all i remember of IT at school was WordArt, ClipArt and playing Circus when the teacher wasn’t looking

oh, and if someone got up during the lesson to print something, we would turn their keyboard and mouse upside down before they get back. this then escalated to turning everything on their desk upside down, including monitor and the actual computer.

also Ctrl+Alt+Down


Didn’t really like any of them very much. When I was five years old some educational psychologist told my mum that I wouldn’t enjoy formal education until university, and they were right.

Must have been a witch.


Best days of your life

  • Yeah
  • Nah

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I’m deeply suspicious of anyone who actually enjoyed their school days.


Maths and Computer Studies. Basically sums up everything I’ve done since school.


Walk + train + walk


That’s salad days m9



IT was good for mischief. We realised we could copy and paste unlimited stuff into the school shared folders so we made loads of images of our friend Barry using clip art of men and putting them near clip art of pictures of cats and wrote stuff like BARRY SHAGS CATS, BARRY SHAGS GEORGE (a friend claimed he turned up uninvited at Barry’s house and saw Barry shagging his cat George)
Eventually someone came and told us all off cause we were slowing all the computers down or something.





  • Loved it
  • It was fine
  • Apathetic
  • Didn’t like it
  • Actively hated it to the point I used to pretend to forget my kit knowing that they never had size 12 trainers in the “spare” pile.
  • Bunked it

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really loved some parts of A level biology actually. probs would have gone on to study that instead if i had my shit together at all



  • I was teased for something
  • I was bullied
  • I took part in group bullying
  • I was a proper bully
  • somehow avoided all of this (please specify which school I wanna send my kids there)

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I liked food tech the best but I was such a clumsy teenager that I dropped every single thing I made


(i love


I’m gonna bully harru for not being able to get a poll right first time, I think


I did IT at a-level and got an E, however the basic understanding of a relational database has stood me in good stead, bizarre how my really qualified colleagues still look at my unpivotted data like its witchcraft


I was always magically ill when we were meant to do the 1500m.


Edit: doesn’t matter


Lunch break

  • Fuck your shoes up playing football for an hour in the playground
  • Smoking with the cool kids
  • Stay in the cafeteria penoiding
  • Just hang about outside
  • Other?

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