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IT room. there was one computer without the internet controls on it so my friends and I used to sprint from my lessons to get that one computer so we could play Neopets/look at sex websites


Big battle royales on the field in the summer. DDTs, rock bottoms, stunners, pedigrees. We had it all.

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was fortunate in that my house was 1/2 a mile away from school, so used to go back home with a bunch of friends and watch home and away.


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I had a teacher who really took a vicious dislike to me and it was SO bizarre. Kind of hope I bump into him one day so I call him out being for a knob. What’s he gonna do? Lines? Detention? I STILL HATE YOU MR STALEY
He sent me out once because I said “morning” to him when I walked in.



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Mothertrucking chess club at lunchtime, we were badass


Media Studies was my favourite subject


  • I had to wear a tie
  • I didn’t have to wear a tie (thank fuck)

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it’s mad how shit and evil some teachers are/were.

mr wigley threatened to break my nose once. was like ‘there’s nobody around and who are they gonna believe?’ fuck you mr wigley.


we had a boy in our tutor group who used to always have porn. he was all about porn. He would steal it from newsagents and somehow he knew how to bypass the school’s porn filters which seemed really impressive that he knew how to get around the rules like that.
I guess if people in school have a ‘thing’ porn was his thing.


Everyone started wearing their tie incredibly short so they brought in a rule that everyone had to wear there tie at least a certain length. Then everyone wore it comically long. Must’ve looked really bloody stupid


I got a PE teacher suspended because of how grim he was to me (actively encouraging the kids good at sport to mock the ones who hated it, aka me) but didn’t seem to do much hindrance. One of the very few people I still hold a grudge about, that sort of thing can really scar you.


music was fuckin terrible at my school. we had one teacher for a school of, I dunno how many exactly, but well over a thousand kids. And he was in his late 60s, hated kids and only showed up 40% of this time. The only equipment we had were a load of 2.5-octave casio keyboards, and only enough of them for one between two or three in a class of 30. So most lessons were just a supply teacher sitting at the front doing some marking while 10-15 casio keyboards played out their various demo tunes and kids threw stuff about.

The best lesson we ever had was when one of the supply teachers took pity on the situation and tried to engage us with a discussion about the value of learning instruments. Mark Shanley put his hand up and said he was grade 8 on the kazoo, and everyone laughed. The teacher clearly didn’t know what a kazoo was and berated us all for belittling this amazing achievement. Mark played along with this and said he could go home and get the kazoo if she liked. He didn’t get away with that bit but it was still classic.


I was bullied but my cousin was a bully which kind of protected be to some degree.

We moved house when I was in year 7 so went to a school with no friends apart from my cousin. I was really shy and quiet but got invited to play football in the playground in the first week and scored a really good goal, which suprised me and everyone else. Football probably saved me from more severe bullying.


D: what a horrible horrible guy. That’s awful!


it wasn’t even porn tbh, it was more like… dating/sex websites that we’d make fake accounts on, or read sex stories.

have posted on here about the guy at the nearby boys’ school who used to write Pokemon porn stories and was local-famous for the one where the Pokemon shouts “MATE ME” at a human