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My secondary started admitting girls a year after I left. Don’t even want to imagine how much less of a social cripple i’d have been if that had happened a few years earlier…


ah sorry you had a rough time of it :frowning:

the teaching and class size itself wasn’t great for me but doing something creative and fun in school was a huge perk


Ever have the pocket ripped off your shirt?

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Did you have a prom / leavers disco?

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Worst punishment you got

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  • Isolation
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Sometimes I like to go and look at the RateMyTeacher reviews for Moakesy, my absolute favourite teacher and all-round great guy from back in the day.




ever been peanuted?

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  • please explain

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Weekend detention - that was fun


Hated school music - we had to do a singing assessment where we sang in front of the whole class and got marked on it. Awful awful thing to do. I got a C when I did it by myself but one time did a version of Hakuna Matata with the lads and got full marks for ‘leading the group with energy and enthusiasm’ in the role of Pumba.

What I did enjoy was spending a year’s worth of lunchtimes in the Music Technology room, composing pieces on Sibelius. Fucking LOVED Sibelius. Shame it’s so expensive or I’d buy it now.


:frowning_face: that’s so horrible. I swear some of them just want to be in with the popular kids and it’s so odd. You’re an adult ffs.
Mr Staley gave me the nickname Big Al which obviously stuck. When I cried he said it was cause I’m tall :upside_down_face:



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Sub-thread: funniest moment of school?

For me it’s got to be the time that Ross got sent to the headmaster for “deliberately farting” during some guided meditation nonsense in a chapel for RE. Perfect timing - waited for a nice quiet pause and gave it both barrels.

I’m sniggering like Muttley at my desk remembering it now.




Got peanuted so bad once I had to cut my tie off


Music in my school wasn’t too bad. I think the head of music was a trouble maker who also knew how to get the most cash for his department. There were 5 little music rooms where you could practice and me and my friends would go there in free periods and play half hour noisey messes and the guitar virtuosos would walk past and laugh. Only problem was the entire building smelled really strongly of wee and it never got fixed.


I went to an incredibly tory school, it was shit


neither. the chip shop.


Friday afternoon English and Art. Used to get chonged out of my head in the park at lunch and then have those 2 to end the week. Was perfect (for school)