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would like to clarify it wasn’t for anything truly awful.

As I remember it some people in PE were winding me up and I snapped and smashed one of the school badminton rackets and told the teacher to fuck off.

2 weeks exclusion, was really boring


It blew our minds when one of our friends who was good at piano would play 9pm till I come using the little pitch shifting wheel on the side of they keyboard to make it wobbly.


mixture of lift (my mum worked at the school) / walk / bus when i was eligible


Best time I skived off PE - had tickets to see the Manics at Wembley on a Friday. Was meant to do swimming on the Friday afternoon. Obvs didn’t want to go to the gig all chloriney, so I got my mum to sign a bit of paper, got a mate with a scanner to scan the signature, and dropped it into the bottom of a typed letter. Boom, no PE for me :sunglasses:


Letter home from the head was probably the worst individual punishment.

They had a hellish thing at my school where they’d put you on report and it meant you had to go and get a thing signed by a teacher every ten mins during lunch and break time. Was well out of order, I just got sweet talked a kind teacher into signing them all in one go for me though.


I’m sorry you had to meet tories :frowning:


Also started to not go in a bit and a teacher called my house and left a message on our answerphone about it, so just deleted it and carried on


Get your head bag locked by someone else with a head bag/ head bag key

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Blazer? Fucking hell what kind of schools were you all going to


geez that’s well GDR


Every day for like 7 years :rofl:


Someone tied a rape alarm to a helium balloon and let go of it in the really high ceilinged main hall and they had to cancel a load of mock exams because nobody could get it down and there were no other big enough rooms available. Think it was his grans 70th birthday balloon from the weekend before


There was an awful PE teacher at my school who fit all the stereotypes at my school, and the rumour was that he only had one testicle due to a rugby accident. Doesn’t even matter if it’s true, does it, that stuff is going to get around.

Anyway, I went on one of those teacher rating websites a few years ago and the top comment for this guy was “Garry D’s only got one ball”. After all this time.


that’s a packed lunch mate.
paked lunch wanker


Colchester Royal Grammar School for Boys


bunked loooads during 6th form depression years but bunking was allowed thnen so doesnt really count


Urgghhh report! Was always on uniform report (which was fair enough but still a nightmare)


Same. Although I didn’t really realise at the time. It was just school.

Lad I went to school with got arrested for attacking John Prescott.



Went to the big 6th form in town instead of the one at my school, Friday afternoons wed go take ket in a graveyard #edgy


Chichester High School for Boys, the school that astrotwat Tim Peake went to.