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this reminds me that there was one IT room at school that didn’t have the same security setup so someone brought in Championship Manager, installed in on a few and they just had network games instead of actually doing work


not properly bunking but in sixth form we had a fucking terrible english teacher, so i told her she was shit, was pulled into a meeting with her and someone else about it, but i was like “fuck this i’m never going to your lessons” so i skived them.


It’s well good that those things persist eh.

My little bro went to my secondary school after I’d left and people were still going on about how Miss Dryden was a druggie and that Percy (can’t remember the bloke’s surname but he commanded zero respect and everyone just called him Percy despite him probably not even being called Percy) was sleeping with her.


Any of the Yes’s care to share?

Mine was cos I got caught shoplifting in school uniform. My mum cried :frowning:


I used to do this on my laptop in university lectures.


Can I bring out this again?

(Honestly, the stuff was way way worse than ‘jokes’ which this teacher was well aware of. Winder how I came to have such a victim-blaming attitude and so much internalized hatred during my teenage years???)


…yes. along with (at a guess) >50% of the rest of the kids

school in scotland m8. do you think you hit those heart disease statistics without putting the graft in?


The British schooling system is so absurd. Segregation by sex, school uniforms, state v private, etc. It explains a lot about British society though.

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oh sorry explainers - this is when someone forces the knot of your tie up really hard and chokes you with it


fucking hell


Loved PE when we played football, rounders or hockey.

Despised PE and would do a little cry sometimes if it was rugby, bleep tests, cross country or pretty much anything else

Luckily it was football most weeks.


From Year 9 to 11 spent most of my breaks in the art room as one of my 2 friends was the darling of the art teacher. The art teacher absolutely hated me and actually had me banned from lessons (which I did not mind at all), so it always amused me to see how irritated she was by my presence there.


get him in the England cricket team, need a Stokes/Woakes/Foakes/Moakes middle order

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(His surname was actually just Oakes but his name was Mike so people used to call him Moakesy)


Aww :slightly_frowning_face:
Mine was cause I dyed my hair black. Srsly


I got one after school detention. it was for not telling a cover teacher in the room next door that some kids in our room were throwing paper around, while they were unsupervised. I was busy trying to work out how to play Karma Police on the piano with some friends. I was pretty unhappy with this decision, but did spend it trying to work out how to play Karma police on the guitar.


Lesson learned - Always steal pine nuts in disguise

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