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Was regularly put in isolation for being bullied. Always got really irritated when they ended it tbh.


is that because it was half way through the afternoon and you’d just turned up?


i wish i’d thought of doing that tbh




Didn’t have to wear a uniform at all


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  • I enjoyed GCSEs more than A-levels
  • I enjoyed A-levels more than GCSEs
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(bit of a nerdy poll but heard way too many people sneer at how easy GCSEs were. found them absolutely awful - learning 11 subjects in no depth at all is really difficult, especially if a bunch of the compulsory subjects are totally impossible to you - whereas A-level lets you do just the subjects you want to, and learn in more depth)


I had to organise ours because I was head boy. Was a pain in the arse. Held it at Barons in Swansea, the place where they piss on the dancefloor in Twin Town.


woah. i mean, i’ve heard of this for when kids dye their hair green or summat, but black? jeezo


we did do a term of Spanish and had an option to do Japanese at lunch time / after school (in hindsight i would have liked to have done this, but playing football vs doing work when you’re like 13 is an easy choice), but French otherwise.


My worst and/or stupidest punishments were the result of the following:

  1. Gave the people’s elbow to Eddie during his reign as 24/7 champ (this rule was that he could be pinned at any time of any day and he would no longer be champ, as such he was regularly attacked when walking to and from lessons etc) and broke his rib two days before his family was due to move countries, this delayed that move.

  2. Tom said “it smells like bear shit” during a meditation session in which we were told to sit with our eyes closed and breathe and were guided on a walk through a forest and into a cave. The (justified) laughter resulted in us being kept behind after school and we all missed our bus and had to be driven home by the teacher who then had to explain to my incredulous Father why he was trying to do meditation with a class of year 8s

  3. Me and Dan disparaged Prince Charles in some way during a lesson, as a result the teacher in question split us into the separate halves of our year group so we were no longer in any lessons together for the rest of our schooling.


my grades had started to drop by the time I did A-Levels, primarily from too much fun, but also from GSCEs being an absolute piece of piss for the most part.


Enjoyed the IB and everything about 6th form more than GCSEs


Dropped out after totally failing my AS levels (first year of sixth form - 3 Es and 1U :+1:) and became the retail colossus I am today (found the first full time job I could and then became too comfortable and never left it)


we played rugby once at school. i got the ball and passed it forward :clap:


I went to an all boys school but it was a comprehensive that was pretty rough. Stll wore blazers though.

I actually tore my knee ligaments as someone did a high sliding tackle on me while my foot was planted on concrete, whilst playing football in the playground.

Then when I went back on crutches, some twats pushed me down a concrete staircase and I crashed to the bottom unable to stop myself.



Drew a load of cocks all over a textbook.


During my a levels I stopped going to any classes that weren’t for media so I could edit my black and white new wave inspired silent short film in the deputy heads office. Great times.


this is still acceptable


Thank you!! Think it’s cause I’d been wildly ignoring the uniform rules for ages and black hair made me look even more like a goth but their argument was it was an “unnatural hair colour”
Uhh… it’s not