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I bet you were one of those guys at school who was liked well/well enough by all the otherwise warring/acrimonious subsections of school society.


Nah, not in the slightest really. The Inbetweeners is without a doubt the most accurate and relatable depiction of our social status at secondary school. Definitely not cool enough not to be picked on by the bigger boys but also not the biggest nerds either.


Put gcses ahead because I enjoyed life better from age 12-15 than 16-18.

No preference on the actual exams, both set ups are pretty shoddy imho


ok. well sorry about you and Dan getting split up. And thanks for that Nations League info as well man.


I don’t really have an issue with a school enforcing rules around uniform etc, but find it so weird when this is extended towards how you have your hair. So weirdly over authoritarian


Dan and I remain close friends to this day, the splitting up only served to bridge the gap between the A half and the B half and led to many friendships which still endure that otherwise would never have happened.

also, you’re welcome x


Not bunking but plenty of calling in sick, over playing a cold etc etc


Illegal hair at your school

  • Skin head
  • Shoulder length hair on boys
  • Anything too punk, eg mohawk or something
  • Unnatural colour
  • Bleached
  • Natural but not your natural colour (see above)
  • Anything goes/went, man

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The sneering assistant head once warned me that my haircut was “verging on severe” and it is a daily regret that I didn’t reply “SO’S YOUR FACE”


“Your’s is verging on a haircut” would have been better

(you would have got caned for that apostraphe though)


They had to cancel all the hair rules when I was 13 or so cause there was a Ukrainian lad who was a proper golden child in year 11 (14 gcse As, photo in the paper stuff) who decided he wanted really long hair and called their bluff on enforcing any rules on it


The year after I left school, a student was allegedly reprimanded in a corridor for having unnaturally coloured hair. It was her natural colour.


Although my weird pal Tony did once get temporarily excluded for getting his head shaved except for a maybe 4 square inch patch at the back, which he dyed bright red.

Which was taking the piss a bit.


What the fuck is the “Scotch” option? I don’t remember a whisky standard grade.


took longer than I thought

  • I was a cool kid (sporty)
  • I was a cool kid (in a band or something)
  • I was an inbetweener
  • I was an uncool kid (geeky, penoid)
  • I was an uncool kid (maybe part of some subculture eg goth)

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You’ve just reminded me of the Romanian lad we had for a few years who once protested to getting told off for something by standing up and shouting “This is FUCK” which has absolutely done me as much now as it did then.


Honourable mention for history cause a letter was sent home praising my cartoons “bringing history to life” even though they more absurdist than educational


I’ve given myself the benefit of the doubt between cool kid and inbetweener there. part of my new self esteem regime, so fuck you.


I was in a band but was not, as will deeply shock any of you have met me, in any way, shape or form “cool”.