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I was a rugby player, in a band, and a straight A geek and not considered cool I don’t think. Probably too much going on tbh,too much for some stupid kids to understand.


I was told not too come back to a class by a teacher. We were dossing about in sixth year and all had unconditional offers so it was a piss walk. But anyway, we ditched her class in maths for staying in computing and working on our projects.

Next day she told us to piss off and not come back. The head of the department then gave me and my mate one kn one tuition. I was never going to pass it a B in computing though.


What is an inbetweener?


The “coolest” and most popular kids at my school are now the kind of people generally considered cool and popular

  • Actually yeah
  • Of course no
  • Happy to say I have literally no idea but I assume yeah
  • Happy to say I have literally no idea but I assume no

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this has reminded me of the kid who joined in like year 10, and on his first lesson after starting answered a question by excitedly shouting “ROMANIA!” and was known for the rest of his time at our school for loving and being from Romania, supporting them against England in the World Cup etc.


Like the TV programme - could just about pass as a cool kid, if lucky and in right place at right time, but could easily slip into the uncool kids crowd depending on situation. Spent most of the time hovering in No Mans Land


There was a kid who joined my school in about 1998, aged 15, as a refugee from Afghanistan. He claimed him and his brothers had fought the Russians in the civil war. Our history teacher, and therefore the whole class, openly ridiculed him as the Russian war in Afghanistan was 4 years before he was born. But years later thinking about it’s not impossible that he did actually take part in some kind of combat not necessarily against russians but maybe that’s how it was framed to him or something and he was only a child or something I dunno, just saying I feel bad and a bit angry in retrospect at the teacher (who I otherwise thought was the best teacher I ever had) for being so glib about it.


I mean I guess most of them will be comfortably well off with young kids and a huge mortgage, happily voting tory and I’d absolutely hate their lives, but i bet they are happy


There wasn’t really much of a divide in my school - the people in the sports teams also tended to be from the higher stream classes. It was the same for those into music/drama, although there wasn’t much crossover between sport and music people.


I was in the starting line ups for the Rugby, Basketball and Cricket teams, in a few bands and I think was in the top 5 in the year in GCSEs.

Little side story: In one of the first year 7 rugby practices, we had to tackle one of the year 9s. I was chosen to do it first and floor the giant. a few weeks later, the bullies came knocking, calling me hamster cheeks, but one of them turned to another one and said, “wouldn’t mess with him, I’ve seen him floor (whoever it was), he’s alright, him.” ended up being loose head, with two of them in the front row, though was never really friends with any of them.


Think one of the best moments of my life was when one of the oi oi football cool lads made a move on me a few years ago when I bumped into him in spoons when he was back for Christmas and I got to FLATLY REJECT HIM. Ha ha! One nil Kermit.
My friend copped off with him which somewhat tainted it but c’est la vie


I think the popular people mainly sell things and go to Dubai a lot.


Remembered a horrifying moment where my quite odd history teacher (he used to cry when talking about Mary Queen of Scots being imprisoned) explained that the part of Rasputin’s eventual murder where he was supposedly shot multiple times at close range and survived was perfectly plausible. Because, he said with a slight grin and a perfectly pleasant tone of voice, that his sister (blurring for violence) was a teacher at Dunblane during the massacre and the same thing had happened to her and she was “fine”.

Just… no words.




For lunch I went home and cooked my own or went to a deli and bought fresh bread and hummus


oh right yeah i got this a lot


Free periods in sixth form (multiple option poll)

  • Do all your homework so that your evenings are free
  • Play football
  • Go around to a mate’s house in a group and play computer games (SWOS, in particular)
  • Wander into town to go shopping
  • Sit in the park smoking
  • Other (please specify)

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Other - just go home for the day and not bother going back



we used to play Doom 2 on multi-player mode in the common room computer room bit. either that or we’d do some weird stock exchange music thing online or suttin. oooh or liero, which was like worms but multiplayer and online. then we’d get told off