Do you have a (?) schtick? Any schtick really doing it for you at the minute? Any schtick really winding you up at the minute? Talk about schtick in here.

Personally, I’m finding Richard Ayodae’s schtick increasingly unbearable at the minute.


I have several


I once saw Richard Ayoade taking his bins out. Every time I go past his house I say “Richard Ayoade lives there”, even if I’m alone.

I am sorry that this is off-topic.


Does anyone use that as a schtick to beat you with? (Stick to beat you with)


Never apologise to me for anything


how do you know he lived there and wasn’t taking his nan’s bins out?

strikes me as the kind of guy that would help his nan with her bins


have to say btw I’m not a fan of the word “schtick”. never have been.


Afterwards I Googled “Richard Ayoade” + [the place I saw him] and it confirmed to me that he lived there.


Have to drive up the M62 to get to my parent’s. Everytime we drive past this sign, I announce to the car that this is the highest motorway in England. Everyone’s getting really sick of it, but I plan to continue until the kids are at least 18. I think that’s my only schtick.


Do you feel that way about yiddish terminology in general?


i quite enjoyed that thing with jon hamm he did

cheers ant!


Fucking great schtick that pal


i wouldn’t say in general but if you want to fire some words at me i’ll give you a yes or no


I’m not really sure what shtick is - like I always pretend that I don’t understand how ‘100% extra free’ deals on cordial or cereal work. is that shtick or just a bit?


I saw about 60% of it in as much as you can “see” a tv show whilst you’re playing Rocket League on a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode at the same time.


Cheers Ant!


I think it counts as either tbh