Science, and why Jesus's favorite Holiday was Arbor Day

I’m glad I have your attention. I don’t know if click bait really works on blog sites, but whats up XD . I go by “findingGEMS” I am new here and I would like to bring some fresh new sounds to all of your ears. I would love to interact with you guys and hear what you all think about my postings. So lets get to it!!!

                         The artist I shall review to day is NVSV


A friend of mine attend college in Pittsburgh and tells me that this guy is trying to create a scene in Pittsburgh that was never heavily present. Yes, I know about Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, but this guy isn’t like the bunch. First off, his name. NVSV (NASA)…I think this guy was on one when thinking of a name, but none the less it’s different so, I fucks with it. I’m just glad he doesn’t have “lil or yung” in his name. Rappers this days and their desire of being dwarfs; I don’t understand.

Anyway my favorite song from NVSV currently is titled " Wait for Me" from his latest body of work called Equivalent Exchange which can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Music.


Wait for me is about NVSV awaiting his lover while crossing the River Styx. Pretty deep right? The imagery he uses with his words and the production of the instrumental, done by NISH was all well constructed. I want you guys to listen to this cat and tell me what you think.