Scotch DiSers: Tell me what to do in and around the Loch Lomond area please

Staying in Balloch in a couple of weeks. Have the car so can drive out to walking routes, islands, whiskey farms, tablet factories, tartan weavers and everything else Scotland has to offer.

Think we’ll walk up Ben Lomond one day but any other reccos would be appreciated.

Also looks like the last train back from Glasgow is pretty late so could do a few beers in the city if anyone would like a few beers in the city

get the train back to lond-

Going to treat myself to a first ever visit to Tebay services I think


will you be getting the @laelfy special fnc?

You could probably swim or just look around

As a vegetarian, I might eat fish for a few days actually aye (yes)

Have you been up that way before? It’s beautiful, and only gets more beautiful the further north you go… would highly recommend getting up to Glencoe if you can. Gorgeous in any weather and plenty of nice walks.


Yeah what I want to know is where to swim and what to look in and around

It will probably be -5c in a couple of weeks

Hello hello someone sounded the Tebay bat signal?

How long are you there for?

As well as Loch Lomond, Lochs Venachar and Katrine are worth a drive to, and the countryside around there is very beautiful.

Beware that literally the whole world and his dog are descending on The Loch Lomond area at the weekends and parking can be difficult, get up early if you want to stand a chance.

Take some midgey spray with you, seriously, tons. And a decent headset if you want to go outside in the evenings.

If you stop at Teebs get a Viennese whirl - although when I was in a month ago they were running a much reduced service.

@japes will be better at telling you walks to do. Are you in touch with @Jeremys_Iron? I remember he did a trip to Loch Lomond so he might have some good tourist tips.


Where can I pick up midgey spray?
Whats a headset?

Thanks for the tips

like a beekeeper hat

Any camping shop or Amazon. This is what I bought today for an upcoming camping trip.

I meant headnet not headset - probably essential if you’re camping or you want to be outside near the water in the evenings.

For bug spray something with deet. Seriously the buggers will eat you alive.


You won’t be too far from the naval base at Faslane if you want to steal a nuclear sub and post a thread documenting your adventure.


I wanna say this was deliberate trolling


Frost giants are planning an attack around then.

Very yes. What dates please

Up on the 3rd, home on the 7th of September


That’s my birthday weekend. Eight or nine gifts will be sufficient.