Scotch DiSers: Tell me what to do in and around the Loch Lomond area please

there’s a cracking wee pub just at the bottom of Ben Lomond for lunch/a few pints

Luss is around the other side of the loch from Ben Lomond but has some nice walks

a wee beach and there’s good place for fish and chips just up the road


Had a bit of a breakdown (mental) in a lay-by in Luss during a really difficult bike challenge

Remember it’s pronounced “Bollock”


there’s also conic hill, which is a pretty classic wee climb. much easier than ben lomond.

starts at ^that pub in balmaha

Get a king rib for me

But also you’ll need to have the heart attack that goes with it for me

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loch fyne isn’t too far from loch lomond, it’s a gorgeous drive and also has the loch fyne oyster bar which is great, man all the food is just amazing and so fresh.

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Hill House in Helensburgh (if open). Actually, could walk there along John Muir Way and get train back.

If going over Loch Fyne way could go to Inverary Jail/Castle (if open).

Would have been up for a beer but am East coasting then back to Yorkshire those dates.

went past recently and thought it looked shut to fuck but looking at the website apparently they’ve just built a gigantic semi-permanent box around it now


The box is dead good, because you can see the house from up close from the side and above.


I ate a good fish in Luss.

Reckon we’re going to come to Glasgow on the 4th, next Saturday, if anyone fancies a beer.
Also looking at booking in at Swadish for dinner. Is it good?

Never heard of it. Looks nice though.

Dunno how easy it is to book decent sized tables for drinks at the moment?

Yeah, it is good.

Yeah good point. Guess weather depending a beer garden might be doable

Stick it in rice

4th is Friday

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Well the fucking 5th then, Mr. Calendar!

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Famously, the week before the Glorious 12th

For a good day long walk I recommend the cobbler. Probs about 20 mins drive from balloch, little car park just past arrochar on the left (hill on the right).

Second the loch fyne oyster bar. Also fyne ale brewery round the corner but not sure if they’re taking visitors atm.

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