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Sponsored by my team just got humped in the semi final of the Scottish Cup

At least the weathers nice today

I work with a couple of Motherwell fans and I’m always amused by the fact they can go from utterly shit to quite good in the space of a week.

It’s a shame they’ll put no resistance up to Celtic at all in the final.

Neither would we on that performance! Assuming Celtic get to the final… haha of course they will

Haw you two, we’ve got a chance against Celtic the morrow…:thinking:… actually naw we’ll probably get spanked.


You’re right.

Motherwell have no chance against Celtic but it’d be nice to see them beat Rangers in the final.

The moral champions, yeah?

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Funny that, cos my team just humped someone in the semi finals!

Bring on ANYONE in the final!


No chance?? We’ve drawn with them twice this season and the last final was very close until the bribed referee gave a penalty and sent off one our heroes.

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Yeah, but they did beat you by two goals at the end of the game…


Can we do the wig thing in here?

Aberdeen were abysmal today, reckon we’ll end up dropping to fourth before the season’s out



Could’ve blown the whistle after 30 mins… would’ve saved me an hour and a half of pain


Why would you do this? I was at that game, jumped around celebrating then was confused for several minutes about why the ‘goal’ hadn’t stood.


We Are The Pish, more like.


Watching celtic games in london is always a bit of a gamble but I knew it was going to be a good day when I went into the yucatan in stoke newington they moved the arsenal fans to the side room and let the celtic fans have the main bit of the pub.


Absolute fucking dross. I can take getting beat if we’ve knocked our pan in and at least tried. That was a spineless, gutless performance.

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Celtic didn’t even need to play semidecent as we were rank rotten.

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Saw Ross McCrorie got sent off today, how’s his twin brother the keeper doing? (Robbie?)

really pleased with my team this season, especially in the last five months where only one club has defeated us