Scotland aside, which country has the worst national dish?


I mean, what the fuck’s poutine?

I’ve forgot more about food and beer this morning than Canada knows.



One of the Scandi countries, almost certainly


The food in Canada is great. Poutine is one of my top 10 things. On paper, it sounds shit, in practice - oh my Lordy!


Good shout actually.

Any country whose national dish includes fish isn’t worth visi…sorry mate.




In practice it’s also very shit, unless you bang a load of chillis, sour cream, guacamole or herbs on it


You’re in trouble, mate…


England and fish and chips falls under that then?


Oh, and the worst cuisine is the Dutch. Absolutely gross food all round


Hoping she doesn’t see this until I get my affairs in order


It’s bad, but I think I’d struggle more in Sweden or Iceland.


Curry’s probably the national dish now, no?

I’d take a standard bastardised korma over chips, tasteless cheese curd and gravy.


chips and cheese with gravy mate. what’s wrong with that?


Estonia - blood sausage/ head cheese


Please don’t tell me you’re just mixing up some bisto and chucking it over some oven chips with some cathedral city sprinkled on top…there’s…there’s an art to it, don’t ruin art, delicious art


Found the food and drink in Slovakia to be fairly terrible tbh. Was forced to drink a shot of hot vodka topped with butter and lardons and I’m still not sure whether it was a wind-up to this day


Central european food is pretty grim


At least we have an actual national dish, unlike you southern plebs eh.


Deep fried pizza is nothing to be proud about


Mars bar*