Scotland Old Team - December 2017 - MEGAMEAT


I would attend a MEAT in the following places:

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Other (specify below)

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Dates I could attend:

  • 1st Dec
  • 2nd Dec
  • 8th Dec
  • 9th Dec
  • 15th Dec
  • 16th Dec

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Friday Evening Thread

@Witches @japes @Unlucky @Lo-Pan


@casinobay @hanshotfirst @cutthelights @TrainBoy




I mostly lurk here but might come if it was in Edinburgh


See how I totally fucked up the other poll on purpose so you’d take over Keith? :wink: lolz


Cutthelights and I would be going through if it was in Glasgow (it will be in Glasgow) join us!




Aww what the heck, I’ve put myself down for Glasgow as well


Can @lo-pan not do any of the dates?!


Was just checking my ridiculously busy schedule :wink:


I can only do Portsoy on December 25th.


I’ll definitely be Keith that weekend - meet halfway?





Extreme long shot here but … @wizardlizard ?? :smiley:


This a-ey, zeddey, doubleyou-ey pretender gets a shout before I do m :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My powers are waning… :upside_down_face:


Apologies! :smiley: I’m not aware of all the Scottish DiSbots.

You coming then? I expect lederhosen!!!


They deep fry megameat in Scotland, right?


Welllll if they don’t already then they most certainly will after this weekend! Woop


Aha no promises but settle on a date and we’ll see! I honestly hadn’t thought as ‘far’ ahead as December yet… :sweat_smile:

Is mulled Buckfast a thing?