Scotland rollcall

Just window shopping at the moment, but what cities have the best local/international music scene? I have visited Edinburgh and Glasgow already, and I know Glasgow has a good art scene. But that brings me to my next question, is anywhere particularly known for its science jobs? I am a chemist and in South England they all seem to be in Surrey. I could apply my chemistry skills to whisky/beverage industry, water treatment/quality, hopefully anything really.

Any help would be appreciated :blue_heart::blue_heart: I would be happy with a ~45min commute out of the city for work too

I’m from Glasgow, I love my music and whisky and Glasgow’s live scene is fucking excellent.
I know fuck all about science jobs. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


What are you looking at for rent? Hoping to move into a 1bed with my girlfriend, I know the West End is nice but I assume expensive

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NZ originally but I am living in London and I think I’m ready to leave (I am aware I won’t be escaping the Tories)

I think a decent one bedroom for rent west end is anywhere between £650-750 a month.
Other Glasgow Dissers might be able to give you more accurate info. I know that because my friend has just moved into a one bedroom west end.
I stay west end (Partick young team) and it’s great :+1:

Maybe worth keeping an eye on this if you’d take a job in brewing

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Small fish wanting to get out of the big city I guess. Too expensive, my job is too far away from anywhere interesting, pollution, unfriendliness, apathy, expensive.

Scotland is nice


I used to live in Edinburgh with my ex-girlfriend, who was a biologist. There are a bunch of sciencey type companies on the outskirts of Edinburgh (maybe 30-40 mins commute from the centre by bus).

We had a lovely big one-bedroom flat (with a shared roof garden!) in Stockbridge, which is a quiet wee neighbourhood about 15 mins walk from the centre, for about £875 per month.

The local music scene in Edinburgh used to be pretty great, but I’ve not kept up with it much since I left. But Glasgow is only 50 mins away by train, and you can normally get back easy enough after shows.

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I live in a seaside town in Inverclyde- it’s about a 35 minute commute by train into glasgow. Its stunning, we have an outdoor pool, ferries to the highlands. The air and the water is incredible (I know that sounds like a silly thing but when I lived in London and returned home, the first thing I’d do is have a glass of tap water and walk through the garden breathing deeply). Even if we won the lottery we wouldn’t move. The community here is wonderful. Housing is very cheap- our house would cost double in glasgow. Local schools are great. Happy to answer any questions or show you around if you end up coming to Scotland for a recce xx


I can’t believe you’ve never mentioned you have a pool.

I’m bringing The Child to visit in the summer.

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I obviously want you guys to visit ASAP but must make clear that the pool is a public lido. :rofl::joy::joy:

This is our pool-


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Location for DiS spring meat- sorted!!


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