Scott Walker - BBC Late Night Prom




Given that the guy from Bella Union’s involved, it should be released and recorded at the very least.


Does that mean he’ll play or not?


He definitely won’t play.


Then this sounds like my idea of hell. Thanks for nothing, jordan_numbers


Well, I thought it sounded pretty interesting, I’m a big fan of Scott Walker, Jarvis Cocker and Susanne Sundfor.

However I think there’d be much more value in exploring his later work.


It’ll be worth a gander for 6 quid.


This is being streamed live on 6Music on Tuesday.

Ahead of that, there’s a chat between Scott and Jarvis today:


Excellent. Cheers


Looking forward to both of these


This show has been boring af


Got one of the £6 day tickets just now - looking forward to it.