Scott Walker (don’t worry, not dead)

There’s no all-purpose Scott thread. That can’t be right.

Faber are publishing a lyric book early next year, which includes a section for ‘new songs’: I love Soused and it’s been five years since Bish Bosch so new album in 2018? Maybe?

Anyway. Here’s a charming performance of Jackie from the Frankie Howerd Show:


Ah shit! @moderators - can you add (don’t worry, not dead) in the topic title, please?



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Thanks! :+1:

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dunno if i’m arsed about the book but new scott yes pleaaaaaaase

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Oh great my mum didn’t know what to get me for Christmas and I didn’t know so I’ll tell her this

This is great, his first solo performance apparently:

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Ha, that’s precisely what I’ve done!

The poncy editions are pricey mind. £400+ for the big one, £100 for the less big one.

Im not even worried an artist is dead when a thread starts tbeaw days :frowning:

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I got Climate of Hunter a while back and it’s such a strange record. One of those where I keep having to listen to it to try and decide how it makes me feel. Partly 80s and accessible (Knopfler on one of the tracks!) but also feels like him starting to move into his scary phase as well.


New (short) interview here:

Frustratingly given the lyrics book contains new stuff, there’s nothing here about a new record. Boo. It has reminded me that I need to give Soused another listen.

yeah i think a lot of people (myself included to some degree) have taken it to mean that new material is on the way but it doesn’t seem like it :sob:

Scoring a new ‘musical drama’ movie. Most intriguing thing about this news is that Sia’s working on the film too. That’d be a hell of a crossover.

Was in Hastings with the TV the other week, and we went into HMV (!) and bought some CDs (!!!) while we were there. Found this set for a tenner:

Scott 1-4 and 'Til the Band Comes In (the latter was quite hard to find until recently). Two quid each, nice. Felt good to replace the bad mp3s I’d had tbqh.

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