Scottish Accent Pronounciation Query

Scottish dude sitting next to me reckons that in Scotland the letter J is pronounced Jye (rhymes with eye) rather than Jay (rhymes with hay) like it is in England.

Is this true?


(I don’t think it is)


on what?


The person saying it.


yes but what’s the OFFICIAL pronunciation?



Och j the noo

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I don’t do this.

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have you ever heard another Scottish person do it?

Not sure :woman_shrugging:

How do people in Scotland pronounce croissant?

Because I pronounce it weirdly, like crass-on and I think it’s because my Glaswegian mother has filled my head with her weird dialect.

reckon he’s pulling your lag mate

lag is scottish for leg

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I have said it. I am Scottish. I don’t always say it that way.


And now I can’t get govinda jaya jaya out of my head

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i have heard this a lot from scottish people but also have heard it pronounced the normal way by scottish people. in short: depends

just because people pronounce it differently doesn’t mean it depends though