Scottish Accent Pronounciation Query


It’s like is it ‘aitch’ or ‘haitch’. Of course, it’s the former, but that doesn’t stop people using the latter pronunciation.

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Depends innit

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Thanks, I suppose I was more interested in whether was a common thing like that rather than an OFFICIAL thing and was surprised I’d never heard it before if it was

careful now

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if by depends you mean yes, some Scottish people do pronounce it incorrectly in the same way, then yes that’s fine, thanks for answering my query

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Yes, I do it this way.

Though not when it’s someone’s initials mind.

Michael Jie Fox
JieJie Abrahms

If you read out a reference number VC3JT would you say Jie?

If you were spelling the name John?

How are you pronouncing ‘jie’?

Jye? Jee?

Jie as in Die

How are you pronouncing ‘die’

Like the german way, or the english way?


Is this the thread where I bring up complaints I have with children’s books that rhyme but only if you’re saying them in an English accent?

What the Lady Bird Heard has “Nee-Naw” to rhyme with “Panda Car”, and the 10 Little [ITEM] series has odd ones struggling to rhyme with seven, like:

  • Resin - I say res-IN, but sev’n
  • Cavern - I say “cav-urn”, but sev’n

Nee-naw barely rhymes with Panda Car in english, either. Nee-nah, maybe.

(That one comes up a fair bit on twitter and on blogs and stuff)

WYOO rhyming in books not working for you.... | BabyCentre

If I run through the alphabet in my head it’s j(eye) but if someone asked me to spell out for talking sakes ‘majority’ I’d be pronouncing it j(ay).

I’ve actually never considered this before, it’s odd now I think about it :thinking:


I’ve only heard this from Glaswegian/west coast people - the same people who pronounce ‘h’ as ‘haitch’.

It’s fucked up tbh.



are good and correct


I haven’t read that one, Nee Naw (pronounced Nor) is a police car noise but Nee Naw (pronounce Nah) is the sound you make when you’re teasing someone like ‘nee nur nee nur nee nur I’m a stud and you’re a wiener’

How do you pronounce it?

Fucking English accents adding "r"s to things out of nowhere. Listen to yourselves, you sound ridiculous.