Scottish Accented Modern Indie Rock?

More folky than indie rock, I guess, but (the artist and Turner Prize winner) Martin Creed’s stuff is wonderfully funny and weird and Scottish accented. I love I’m Going To Do Something Soon and Let’s Come To An Arrangement particularly, both from this album.

Always felt Endor were one of the great lost bands of that big Scottish indie movement about ten years back; their one album is really lovely. Think they did just the one EP when they changed name to Fake Major (also really good) and then just disappeared so far as I know…

“chapel doors” is such a belter

I’m pretty sure David writes children’s books now

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Awh, that’s nice to hear, would definitely pick up those books!

And aye, Chapel Doors is absolutely gorgeous: that run with ‘St Michael’s Bells’ and ‘Fly Straight…’ is proper great.

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Only just discovered that album was on bandcamp a couple of weeks ago.

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Avast always remind me of Stapleton who were amazing too

Probably because they shared band members :wink:

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Not really indie rock, definitely scottish accented though.

RM Hubbert - Song For Jenny

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