Scottish Album of the Year Award 2020

Longlist announced:

Anna Meredith: FIBS
Blanck Mass: Animated Violence Mild
Bossy Love: Me + U
Callum Easter: Here Or Nowhere
Cloth: Cloth
Comfort: Not Passing
Declan Welsh & The Decadent West: Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold
Elephant Sessions: What Makes You
Erland Cooper: Sule Skerry
Fat-Suit: Waifs & Strays
Free Love: Extreme Dance Anthems
Honeyblood: In Plain Sight
Karine Polwart: Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook
Lewis Capaldi: Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent
Mezcla: Shoot the Moon
The Ninth Wave: Infancy
Sacred Paws: Run Around The Sun
Vistas: Everything Changes In The End


based in Edinburgh isn’t he? first album was on Rock Action

is this a little bit late this year? i remember Fopp having the nominees out on display when I was over at the Fringe last August. got a free SAY Award tote bag for buying the Kathryn Joseph album.

Someone should let Rina Sawayama know this.

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Like the Mercury, Booker and Turner, it’s not for 2020 it’s for a time period that straddles years.

This time of year when students go (back) to uni used to be a really key time for people to buy music and discover a new favourite band before the big Christmas campaigns started, so a lot of awards tended to be about now.

Also I’d imagine running any album of the year list in December wouldn’t get much coverage or have much impact nowadays.


Sounds like NOVA has won it. Never heard of her so off to investigate.


I did the same, have to say the album didn’t do much for me.

Yeah not really for me…

regardless of the actual album (will listen soon), got to love that such a big award can go to someone with 1500 listeners. The possibility of such an unknown winning can only be good

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