Scottish Alpaca Championships



If you want to see more cuteness than you can handle then head along to the Scottish Alpaca Championships at Lanark Market this Saturday, 15th April.

Where else can you see so many cute, fluffy things for free?


Please tell me Epic and Raffles are competing?


Nah, the were entered last year. Raffles took the event by storm (reserve champion!! Go Raffles).
Epic, the rebel, sat down on the judges feet when he was trying to check out his fleece!




Classic Epic :grinning::+1:


Alpaca bag and try and make it up there!!!11


I’m home this weekend and really tempted by this :slightly_smiling_face:


YES!! Come along. The judging is boring as hell, but you get to stroll around where all the alpacas are kept.


as a fellow fleece wearer i shouldn’t be chuckling so hard at this :’)


This is tomorrow!!!
Can’t wait!!

Anyone else going​???


please share pictures!

edit: could we also have a lil pic of E&R as well please :slight_smile:


I will!!


I won’t be, but have fun cb, and love to epic and raffles :grinning:


Early Saturday thread

Oh my lordy, this has cheered me up immensely. Thanks :slight_smile:


Some cracking haircuts :grinning::+1:


This to the OP


I think @casinobay is the best DiSer ever tbh.


@casinobay is a dick. But his alpaca pics are awesome!! :yum:


casinobay is an alpaca, but his di~abandonreply :joy: