Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)


It’s a big game today, no point pretending otherwise. 12 noon kick-off on yer sky sports (I’ve managed to get a hospitality ticket, which is obviously anathema to everything good about football, but you know, free bar - I’ll let you know if I meet Rod Stewart or anyone else good).


This is the first one with a reduced allocation for away fans (something like 7000 reduced to 800), so that’ll be odd.

Rangers are on a high from European qualification and being unbeaten under Gerrard, but they’ve only won 1 in 3 league games so far.

Celtic are now Dembeleless after he left on Friday, and have had a more tumultuous few weeks after not qualifying for the CL, and looking pretty suspect at the back. It could go anywhere, this.


What’s with the drop in tickets?!


Rangers cut Celtic’s allocation, so Celtic did the same in response. It’s short-sighted bullshit, hopefully everyone sees reason soon and we go back to normal.


Petty shite instigated by rangers, I think.

I’m a natural optimist desperately trying not to get hopes up for this but can’t help myself from fantasising that a wee draw or even a win for rangers could potentially kickstart a proper title race which surely everyone wants? But then I can dig Celtic fans cringing about the thought of dropping points on their own patch.

I dunno, suspect it’ll be 100 mile an hour for a while but ultimately settle down when the sending off happens. Just hope it’s not Morelos.


Didn’t even know we’d done that. Muppets


NeEd to find a pub to watch over here, should be too hard.

I’m not really sure what to expect, Celtic certainly still have a much better team. But we live in hope :grinning::grimacing:


Aye I’d agree with this. They have the players to hurt us but they’ve not been firing on all cylinders whereas we’ve got a bunch of energetic lads punching above the sum of our parts.

But then you know what they say about form and old firm games…


Morelos could be a problem for us though, he’s an idiot and we might only get a couple of chances and let’s face it, his record against Celtic is shocking :grimacing:


They weren’t that good against Partick but obviously will play better today. Think there’s a chance of point for yous.

Ntcham looked a class apart though tbh.


i’ve done it a few times, it’s worth it for the free pies alone


Like anybody with a beating human heart i’ll be hoping for a Celtic win.


As a heartless cunt who wants Celtic to get pumped you can go fuck yersel :fu::fu::fu::grinning::wink:


I wanted to ask you guys about the league format in Scotland. I know it’s been fiddled with quite a bit, but ideally speaking how would you change it, or are you happy with it the way it is? Would you like greater variation in fixtures, are you a fan of the split, is there any call to regionalise below the top flight, etc? Do you think, say, three 16-team leagues above the Highland/Lowland leagues (incorporating an additional three from each, say) would be better or worse?


I like the idea of a 16- team thirty game top flight, there’s definitely another 6 or so teams that could happily exist there, with the occasional season for an Arbroath or Queen of the South or similar, and obviously it’s been proved that we don’t need four bigotfests a year any more, but I think a lot of teams said they’d struggle financially with playing less games, so not sure how you address that. I don’t really know enough about the lower leagues, so happy to be told to shut my dish, but I don’t think regionalising would make a huge difference - they’re all part time below the top half of the Championship, and largely (I think) happy to carry on existing that way, so there’s not a huge gap between being league/non-league - example being the ambivalence most highland league teams had towards opening up the structure recently. Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City, and possibly a couple of others, are desperate to get in, and have the infrastructure to cope with it, and they probably will eventually, but I get the impression the rest aren’t that bothered really.


How’ve i not heard of this…?


Delighted not to be down at half time, that was hard work.


Good game this


Is it?! :grimacing:


For Fulham fans sure