Scottish Football 2018/19 (Rolling)




Ugh just as we had woken up.


Been coming for a long time :weary:


Argh that was grim. Hate a one nil drubbing.


Pish, that being said if that was last season we’d have got pumped by at least a couple more.

There’s no way Morelos and Lafferty can play together for me.

Lot of work ahead.


That’s their second start together, isn’t it?

Going to take a few games for them to get used to eachother’s games, surely.


Yeah, but for me knowing how they both play I just can’t see it working.
I’m not a huge fan of Lafferty but I think Morelos is an idiot, I’d sell him.
Maybe time will tell I guess.


Good seats today. Enjoyable game as well, as comprehensive a 1-0 win as you’ll see. Met Ntcham after the game, nice guy, smelled terrific.


that was 1-0 going on 5 or 6

good to see Stevie G trying to get a siege mentality on the go complaining about the officials again…


There was a funny bit in the first half where the guy on comms was saying a foul wasn’t worthy of a booking just as the slow-mo replay showed Lafferty spin-kicking an opponent in the nuts.


McGregor has always had this petulant streak to him. Brilliant goalie but I’ve never warmed to him.

It’ll be looked at and he’ll end up with a suspension or something.

Hoping the next old firm game is a bit more back and forth cause that first half was grim.


thought collum had an absolute shocker again, total lack of consistency in decisions for both teams

it’s interesting how much leeway doing well in europe has given gerrard in the league, thought you’s looked a poor side against motherwell and were even worse today, losing mcgregor to suspension could be a big hit too


Just like @xylo


Will this Rangers/BBC feud ever be sorted out so that we can hear some post-match interviews with Gerrard on the Beeb?


Not sure, I don’t know if rangers are actually demanding anything from the BBC, or if it’s basically them sulking.

In other news, Stubbs has been sacked (seems a bit soon to me, but the St Mirren fan on the BBC reports says that it’s the right decision, apparently a lot of dressing room unrest), and no action is being taken against Allan McGregor over the kick on Sunday, which is bizarre seeing as it’s a cut-and-dried instance of violent conduct.


i for one am shocked at this outcome


So this red card hasn’t been rescinded but Morelos’ kick out was :thinking: It’s a completely different scenario but still WTF!?


I’m no Rangers sympathiser, but i didn’t think it was that bad.

I mean, technically you’re right, but there were worse incidents in the game for me.

They ought to change the law as to what is and isn’t violent conduct, but maybe they couldn’t do that without encouraging petty nobhead behaviour.


Who do you lads think’s the better player - Tierney or Robertson, and in what areas do you think one’s better than the other?

Scotland have got better left-backs than England. Robson’s a good player as well, eh?


If I had to pick one I’d go with Robertson, just because he’s doing it at a higher level more consistently, but Tierney could well go to the same level if he goes down south in a year or two - there’s no obvious weakness to his game, and if given a while to find his feet I’m pretty sure he’d thrive (I’d be more confident in him doing well in England than I was about Wanyama or Van Dijk, and they’ve done fine).

Annoying that our two brightest players at the moment are left backs - there’s also no depth anywhere else in the squad, so a decent manager could put out a relatively competitive first XI at the moment, but we’re about two injuries away from looking absolutely dire. As I type this, Mulgrew is proving he’s a busted flush.

Maybe it’s because of the baggage he carries from previous jobs, but it’s hard to see McLeish taking this lot anywhere. It was an appointment that sucked the energy out of the whole setup.